Friday, May 30, 2014

Jonathan Steitz Fits In On The Right

By Jeff Simpson

From Jonathan Steitz for Senate facebook page:

I ran into these Mahone Middle School students while knocking on doors in Pleasant Prairie. They're raising money for a choir trip to NY. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in America!

Photo: I ran into these Mahone Middle School students while knocking on doors in Pleasant Prairie. They're raising money for a choir trip to NY. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in America! 

Seriously, what is wrong with these people?   Is this what Wisconsin has come to that someone this clueless, would be considered qualified to actually be a State Senator?

Ummm Jonny:


[ahn-truh-pruh-nur, -noor; French ahn-truh-pruh-nœr] Show IPA
noun, plural en·tre·pre·neurs [ahn-truh-pruh-nurz, -noorz; French ahn-truh-pruh-nœr] Show IPA .
a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

Is there considerable initiative and risk by three friends selling cups of lemonade?   Its not like they are doing it to eat like over half of the children in our schools since Scott Walker has become Governor!   Besides the first clue Scooby, is that they TOLD you they are doing it for a fundraiser for their SCHOOL!


noun \ˈfənd-ˌrā-zər\
: a person who collects money for a political party, charity, school, etc.
: a social event held to collect money for a political party, charity, school, etc.

They are having a fundraiser to make money to be able to take a choir trip.    They can not afford to go without fundraising.   I hate to break it to you, but ever since Scott Walker enacted the biggest cuts to public education in our states history, schools are fundraising CONTINUOUSLY! 

Seriously though Mr. Seitz, if we have to explain the simple words, no wonder ALEC is such a tempting option for our friends on the right!  

By the way what happens to anti-intellectuals in the Wisconsin republican party? 

Scott Walker LOVES you.

 Photo: Spoke with Governor Scott Walker today as he brings jobs to Wisconsin. As a State Senator I will help him bring in more.


  1. Republicans see the world through a right wing nut viewfinder.

  2. The GOP replace plan for Obamacare is to make bake sales tax free that benefit paying for medical bills; as well as allow for barter of tomatoes for open heart surgery.

  3. wisconsin public schools SUCK and you are doing progressive causes a huge disservice by promoting the lie that Wisconsin schools have ever served the diverse needs of diverse children.

    They are among the worst in America and literally do not teach African American children to read -- Mississippi and Alabama do a good job by comparison (which surprises most)

    The mindless posts here that proclaim we have great teachers, schools, etc... is not helpful to creating change in Wisconsin.

    1. And your solution is? Privatize?

    2. You have no idea what you are talking about. Wisconsin is and has been THE model for quality education. The morons pushing for vouchers are the same ones who want to keep our minority children stuck in poverty. Hey, I've got a great idea, lets give them all a brown bag and everything will be fine. To go along with this let's cut the funding to the bone in rural schools. I could go on and on but to you the point will be mute. Anyone who is so ignorant that he/she thinks Wisconsin has a terrible education system has no business making comments about education. Who are you, Robin Vos?

    3. Wisconsin public schools and teachers are awesome--they rise to the challenge every time one of those bogus tests are introduced or renormed. Teachers are doing amazing things in the classrooms here and these conservative blunderers can't believe it so they do everything to suppress it.
      They passed!? Retest! They comprehend!? New test! Think for yourself!? New standards! Graduation is close!? Another test! Manage to get a job!? You don't have the skills we want but don't ask your employer to train you for the specifics!
      It's one thing after another--Wisconsin schools are great but you want mindless factory robot drones who fit into your preconceived worker boxes.
      Free, creative and unconventional thinkers scare the heck out of some people.

    4. Apparently, you didn't attend public school in Wisconsin. Always rated first or second nationally for decades. Massachusetts was the only state rated in the top two.

      Yes, public schools. K-12.

  4. We used to joke about school bake sales--why can't we fund our schools properly and have nasa do a bake sale for a rocket? Get your head out of the clouds, literally, and make a difference in the real world. It's not so funny any more.

  5. Wisconsin has the BEST schools?!?!?!?!


    Look at the reading outcomes for African American children -- look at the achievement gap -- actually, not about "achievement", but about under-serving children of color.

    But you must be the same kind of person that feels that African Americans and Hispanics have no choice but to vote democrat so they should just STFU.

    Wisconsin's public schools are a pipeline to the prison industrial complex if you are an African American.

    You must be the kind of person that claims the public is too stoooopid to understand how great schools are -- even though the vast majority of the stooooopid teabaggers WENT TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS!


    Great schools -- just ask the ignorant folks around rural and suburban Wisconsin.

    And then as African American families.

  6. 3 things bother me every time I see that idiot that was elected Guv...His weird lower lip speech impediment, his 1/2 dead eyes and the left side of his head where his hair is always pouffed out. Seriously...He looks like a mutant hillbilly. Fugliest guy in politics.