Thursday, July 5, 2012

What is Robin Vos Missing? Ethics!

We at Cogdis have it on good authority, that Robin Vos  met with the Wizard of Oz and asked for a moral compas and ethics.  The Wizard when he finished laughing hysterically said that no miracle worker alive could accomplish that.  So Robin Vos found a home in the republican party of Wisconsin. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Your next Speaker of the Assembly - Robin Vos:

Rep. Robin Vos is fast developing a reputation as the most scandal-plagued member of the Legislature.

Last year Vos, R-Burlington, used his position as co-chairman of the Joint Finance Committee to halt deliberations on serious state budget issues in order to advance legislation promoted by out-of-state interests — specifically, the American Legislative Exchange Council, with which Vos has long been associated. That legislation, a voter ID law opposed by the League of Women Voters and other civic groups because it was seen as a crude voter-intimidation gimmick, was eventually ruled unconstitutional.

Last spring, it was revealed that Vos was engaged in a scheme to game the redistricting process by asking legislators to deceive their fellow legislators and the public.

Now Vos has gotten entangled in an ethics scandal that has forced him to withdraw from a lawsuit regarding the voter ID legislation.

Though ethics laws are clear on the fact that it is illegal for legislators to accept gifts of legal services — which can be worth tens of thousands of dollars — Vos engaged private lawyers to represent him in the efforts to defend his constitutionally dubious legislation. But instead of paying for the lawyers himself, Vos had others pay. And he refused to reveal who was paying.

Please explain to me again why anyone would vote for him?   One last thing the thrice divorced Robin Vos is also an unethical slumlord!  


  1. Or, as I spell it, Robbin' Vos…

  2. Vos had to have accepted SOME free legal services to be named as a party to the lawsuit (from which he later withdrew). His withdrawal from the lawsuit doesn't give him a free pass on a potential ethics charge/conviction. He remains responsible for taking that free legal counsel. If the GAB lets this go, the GAB itself is complicit in dirty dealings, and Kevin Kennedy can NOT afford to let that happen. Vos has gone too far. This time he got caught and must pay the penalty.

  3. it can't be as bad as it looks can it? ALEC bribes- i mean scholarships- for expensive trips to new orleans, tucson and now salt lake city, completely abandoning any job initiatives last fall- to replace with school choice agenda, matc board composition, voter id and war on women, having GTAC write a 160-page mining bill with no bi-partisan discussion, and, worst of all, breaking up at least two marriages (one with children) to satisfy late-night drinking urges in madison? i am sickened.