Thursday, September 6, 2012

Compare/Contrast - WI Senate Edition!

Here is another stark contrast between the two parties, especially in terms of the Senate Candidates!

Tammy Baldwin is thought so well of by the national Democratic party that she was given a prime time speaking spot on the biggest night of the convention.

Now, let's compare that to her opponent in November Tommy G Thompson.   Tommy recently barely escaped a primary where 2/3 Republican voters voted against him and he almost lost to Washington DC resident and intellectual lightweight Eric Hovde.  Then during the convention, Thompson was not allowed anywhere near prime time or the camera's.  Except for this one exception:

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Where someone caught Tommy begging David Koch for some more money.   You know this is an important conversations for Tommy because he does not have a drink in his hand!   

However, I will give credit where it is due,  whoever planned the convention has heard Tommy speak before and wanted no part of it.   Especially with this on his resume:

Yes, sadly the 1990's Tommy G Thompson is no longer and he has been replaced with the hate filled, crazy, greedy version you see above.   Tommy is so desperate these days, his main campaign focus now is trying hard to let everyone know that Tammy Baldwin is gay.   What a truly sad figure Tommy has become.  

:There truly is no comparison anymore, let's make sure we send Tammy Baldwin to Washington DC in November!  

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  1. Holy crap, what was he trying to say? Was this encouraging violence or racism. Either way, language unbefitting of a leader.