Thursday, September 6, 2012

Free Market Phenoms!

The republicans love to tout the wonders of the "free market" especially when it comes to the right wing squawk radio and television. They like to point out(incorrectly of course ) that the free market dictates that America only wants to hear right wing hate radio, tv, etc...  

However digging at the numbers you see they are not being honest (surprise, surprise).  Now we have the perfect example of all of their BS and it comes in the form of Paul Ryan's ( R- Ayn Rand) Hero - Ayn Rand! 

See her trademark book,  Atlas Shrugged, was made into a movie in 2011.  Despite heavy advertising, and the solid endorsement from Paul Ryan (R-Wall st.) the move bombed big time.    The movie cost $20 million to make and pulled in a gross box office of just over $4.6 million( for the tea partiers reading this, that is a loss of over $15 Million dollars)! 

In a real world capitalist free market society, the person who gave the go ahead to bankroll this bill would have been fired or demoted, and we never would have heard about this again.  

However in right wing crazy world, whats the next logical step?     Why a sequel of course!

Sean Hannity is excited to announce his cameo in the second movie of the "Atlas Shrugged" movies.
Although Sean's acting debut may be a character close to home, Sean is very proud to be a part of Ayn Rand's iconic work Atlas Shrugged. In a crucial political time in American history this movie depicts the struggles between the public and those who are elected to serve them.

Atlas Shrugged 2 comes out in theaters everywhere October 2012, just in time for the pivotal presidential elections. This cameo is particularly fun for Sean because he was able to "share" the big screen with his good liberal friends and Fox News Contributors Bob Beckel, Juan Williams and Tamara Holder .
As I asked before, does Atlas really shrug if no one is there to see it?  


  1. Do you suppose these movies will ever cover the fact that Ayn Rand had a female friend sign Ayn up for Social Security under Ayn's husbands last name after she was diagnosed with lung cancer?

  2. These movies will not cover any of that, however it is no big deal since no one sees them anyway!

  3. Actually there is quite a good movie that could be made out of Ayn Rand's life --including lots of sex scenes, as it was mandatory to have it off with her in order to enter the inner circle-- but not one that her cult would like to see.

  4. I had checked out the DVD of part one of Atlas Shrugged from the library a few months ago. It was only part one, the second part of the movie had not been made yet as far as I know. (personal opinion, don't waste your time on this movie.)

    At the end of what I had seen I was left with the feeling that this is totally unrealistic. This could not ever happen in this nation. The story in this movie/book has private businesses being taken apart by the federal government. In reality private ownership of large companies will never, NEVER be taken over or disrupted by the federal government. Perhaps it was an innacuracy by the author that believed that not enough of the politicians could be owned by the big corporations. Look at the republican party of today, they seem to be completely owned by corporations but they don't have the majority in the Congress AND the Senate. Where Ayne Rand is wrong is that she believed that the left wing of our political parties will go completely communist/pure socialist and take over ownership of private industry. She had grown up in Russia and watched her fathers business be taken over by the communists. This had shaped her life. The reality of this nation and this time is that we live in a democracy, even if the Democrat party had control of the White House, Congress, and the Senate they would they never, I mean NEVER think of stripping away rights of ownership. If Paul Ryan, Mittens Romney and the rest of the republican party is pushing this story they seem to have no grasp on reality.

  5. Gross $4.6 million = a little more than half a million tickets. Considering U.S. population, that's 1 ticket sold per 556 people.
    They should start their own special political party!
    With sales like that, they should re-invest to bolster the franchise. Spice it up some more--for the free market cause.
    Get Sylvester Stallone involved, reviving the Rambo icon. He could carry on his own little private war for Ayn Rand, going door to door with his big machine gun, forcing people at gunpoint to buy tickets for Atlas Shrugged 13. Those that refuse could either be shot or deported.
    Ayn Rand uber alles.

  6. Its free to stream on netflix, part one that is. I agree, it is pretty unrealistic and the plot seems to be going nowhere. But I have to watch part two because I am still wondering what motivated Paul Ryan. Maybe the book is that much better than the movie.

    1. i read the whole is a good book.take it with a grain of salt.i learned alot from it.