Monday, September 10, 2012

I Am Sensing A Theme!

This weekend there was so much flip flopping going around that it made anyone following the Rmoney/Rayn ticket dizzy.  

So before you read any further, be advised if pregnant or nursing, or if you have epilepsy, vertigo, asthma or any other diagnosis please consult your doctor.  We at Cog_Dis are NOT responsible for the whiplash that is about to occur.   Also please make sure your boots are air tight we are about to take a ride in republican BS!  

1.  Mitt Romney was for including Pre-Existing conditions in health care reform, before he was told he was against it.  It turns out in 12 hours, Mitt Romney and his campaign completely switched their stance on this issue 4 times.     H/T Wonkette for providing a flip flop time line:

2. Then Paul Ryan spoke out for states rights in the Marijuana debate before he was told he was against that stance.  

Campaign aides for Republican vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) busied themselves this weekend with telling reporters that the candidate “agrees with Mitt Romney” on keeping marijuana illegal, despite him telling a Colorado television station that he supports letting states flout federal laws on medical marijuana.
Romney said earlier this year that he believes “marijuana should not be legal in this country,” calling it “a gateway drug to other drug violations.”
 3.  Paul Ryan has been criticizing President Obama for defense cuts that Ryan actually voted for, unless of course you ask him.  Buckle up for this Tilt O Whirl!


  1. Who is doing the telling?

    Why can't these guys have their own positions? Isn't the idea supposed to be that they set the policy, not that someone tells them what they are for or against?

  2. These guys are making Sarah Palin look good. At least she know what she was for and against, even if it was insane and often fictitious.

  3. These guys are desperate, but they're not going to tell you that. They're busy, with their finger in the air trying to figure out what the voting public wants. They can spend trillions, but if their message comes off as a lie, they won't get enough votes.
    They are relying on lies to get their message out.
    I personally have had to endure the hard consequences of insurance companies' not paying out for pre-existing conditions. I paid the insurance premiums, but they ignored me.
    Same true for my cousin, a truck driver in Kewaunee County. He had an aneurism in his brain, paid insurance, but was left to pay the full bill. This hugely disrupted his progress in life for many years.
    I wish well for everyone, but when others do their best to poke a stick in my eye, how am I supposed to react?
    Politics is a team sport. Chose the team that best represents your interests.