Friday, September 7, 2012

Walkergate: Updates and Mark These Dates

Things are starting to slowly build up to a new crescendo in the ongoing Walkergate trials, with actions coming up in three of the current cases.

As I had mentioned earlier this morning, Scott Walker's hand-picked appointee to the Milwaukee County Veteran Service Commission, Kevin Kavanaugh, had his final pretrial hearing this morning.

Nothing much happened except for setting the stage for the actual, formal hearing on October 8, 2012.

And as I reported earlier this week, Tim Russell went for broke with some bold and rather desperate motions to have the DA disqualified and the charges dismissed. While Russell's attorney couldn't get his motions filed on time, Bruce Landgraf got his response filed a week early.

The next court date for Russell is the final pretrial on October 22, 2012.

And finally, there has been some really curious events in the case against Kelly Rindfleisch.

On September 4, ADA Bruce Landgraf requested a hearing for a criminal deposition "as to Tim L. Hearing," which is scheduled for October 11, 2012. Today, Landgraf filed the paperwork for said deposition.

Frankly, this has baffled me. I'm not sure if it's referring to someone named Tim L. Hearing or to a hearing regarding to a Tim L. Either way, I don't know who it might be. (It's not Russell, since his middle initial is D.) Nor do I know what this mystery person might have to do with Rindfleisch.

I guess we'll find out soon enough.

The pretrial is scheduled for next week, on September 14. The jury trial is scheduled for October 15, 2012. That is unless the deposition or Rindfleisch's second motion to appeal puts a further delay in the proceedings.


  1. Hi Chris...I want to applaud you for the excellent job you have been doing in tracking Walkergate, along with the progressive analysis you have been providing regularly concerning the current presidential race. If you are up to it, someday I would like you to consider getting together over coffee. If so, fire me a msg via Facebook. Here's my home page: Pax, Tom Webber

  2. the full entry says the following. it's 2 sentences. thus it's referring to a hearing for the deposition of a "Tim L."

    "ADA Bruce Landgraf requesting a hearing for a criminal deposition as to Tim L. [new sentence] Hearing is scheduled for 10-11-12 at 8:30."

  3. ADA Landgraf is turning up the heat. I expect Rindfleisch to want to make a deal now. She needs to bring something the DA wants.

  4. Any chance in hell that Tim L. is Scott K.?

    1. Capper could do some checking with some of his attorney friends to find out what the protocol for listing names like this "Tim L." is.

      If it was a murder case involving gang members could a witness be listed under an alias? Or would the subpoena be sealed? What about a sex assault case involving minors?

      If I really thought I should be looking for a Tim L. connected to these people, then I might be looking.

  5. How about the protocols under a "RICO" investigation?

  6. You know, Andrea Boom and Kelly Rindfleisch are/were very close (see the IMs from previous discussions). If Andrea has a Tim L. in her facebook friends list, it could be a common friend who has agreed to testify against Kelly based upon his workings with both women (if I remember right, Andrea was very much in the loop of Kelly's position within Milwaukee County).

    Just a thought...

  7. I'm guessing that "Tim L." is a juvenile. When an adult's name is being hidden in legal documents they use something like (duh!) "John Doe". With juveniles, they use their actual first name and last initial.

    A criminal investigation regarding a juvenile. Hmmm. Something to do with Brian Pierick?

    1. Why would they have something to do with Pierick during the trial for Rindfleisch? There's enough stuff there without having to make things up like that.