Monday, January 7, 2013

Remember, It's "An Independent Run"

looks like the far right extreme in Wisconsin have picked their candidate....They will be running the Sargent Schulz of the Supreme Court Patty Roggensack!  

The WIGOP have lent former UW- Madison college republican and RNC Victory Victory Director Alyssa Moyer has been tapped to help run her campaign! let's also not forget that he has GOP "strategist" Brandon Scholz as an "advisor".

And here I thought that this was a non-partisan race, I am certain the hard core righties in our state will be upset over this!     

Unless of course they are hypocrites.......

Luckily for our great readers, we were able to obtain video of Patty Roggensack being interviewed about the David "Ike Turner" Prosser choking incident"


  1. Score one for "Independent Thinking" for Jeff Simpson. I was a tad disappointed you didn't just copy and paste the entire JS story like you do with most of your posts.

    BTW Jeff, where is the JS story on Fallone's staff? Oh yes, that's right...Jason, Pat, and Dan hate it when I scoop them and then don't run stories on it.

  2. Is that you, Colonel Klink?

  3. scooped them. How can you "scoop" someone on a story that isnt news?

    I know your not that smart but let me help you. Who cares who they hire. If your running a statewide campaign wouldnt you hire someone with statewide campaign experience? In order to do that, you would need someone who either worked with the D's or the R's.

    If you are hiring such a person, and have half a brain, you would NOT hire someone from the Mitt Victory team, since Mitt got his ass kicked in our state!

    You guys though have never cared too much for qualifications.....Which is why they pay you and wiggy to write the propaganda you do.

  4. Jeff, you can't be this clueless. The entire point of the blog was that Wisconsin's supposedly non-partisan Supreme Court elections ... aren't. In which case, why pretend they are, then pack your campaign staff with political partisans and pack your campaign fund with partisan dollars? Point is, our method of picking the state's top judges is now clearly quite corrupt. So let's reform it already.

  5. No the point binversie was making was how dare someone hire democrats to run the campaign of a non partisan office......but dont look behind the curtain

    1. No, he was making the point that you were being hypocritical and then you fell head long into that hole.

  6. Kevin, thanks for taking the side of the 1%, and oligopolies against capitalism and the 99%.

    How much better does it pay?