Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pocan Urges Minimum Wage Hike

From Worker's Independent News:
Congress is starting to wake up to the movement of low wage workers demanding an increase to the federal minimum wage. Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan is one of the legislators who is leading the campaign in the House of Representatives. Jesse Russell reports.

Pocan said one of the greatest issues facing the country is the growing income inequality gap:

[Pocan] “In the last 40 years adjusted wages, 90 percent of Americans have seen an increase of $59, the top 1 p[percent of the top 1 percent has seen an increase of about $18 million. Measured out that’s like one inch versus five miles of a difference.”

Pocan said in addition to raising the minimum wage he believes giving workers more tools for organizing as a union are fundamental to turning around the economy.
[Pocan]: “If we can get people back into an economically sustainable position it overall helps the economy. It’s growing the economy from the middle out and bottom up which has always been the most sustainable way.”

He said the increase should be to between $9 and $11 per hour.

[Pocan] “Around the $10 figure seems to be where we should mathematically be and where we can probably provide the best bump to lift people out of poverty and make the increase still in a range where most people are paid anyway.”
It's a nice thought, but alas, I'm afraid that not enough people are paying attention and of those few who are, too many are paying attention to the snake oil salesmen of the right.

Maybe more people will wake up after another direct action hits the fast food restaurants and Walmarts in seven cities across the country on Thursday.

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  1. Add this to his backing of the NSA constraints, voting against this bad student loan bill, and I truly believe we upgraded in both House AND Senate with Baldwin moving up.