Friday, August 30, 2013

Scott Walker's Re-election!

By Jeff Simpson

It looks like all of the back door dealings by Mary Burke and her friends on the inside, have been successful!  

Winnebago County Exec Mark Harris announced this morning he will not run for guv next year.

Would he have been the best candidate?  I have no idea and now we will never know.  The party choked him out of the race before anyone had a chance to find out.  

Looks like everyone is clearing the way for Mary Burke to be the next victim of the Scott Walker political machine.  

 “If (Burke) were to run she’d be an instant frontrunner and an exceedingly difficult opponent for Scott Walker,” Tate said, adding that she has put in more work than other potential candidates by traveling the state talking with local activists, business leaders and voters.
 Can you name me one person who she has "talked too" that is not a party insider?    Interview with local press?  a voting record to be proud of?   

My suggestion to you and everyone else in WI.  If her path is to only talk to party insiders to push everyone else out of the race, then she does not need you to win.    I would highly suggest that you hold all donations, or money that you had planned on giving the democratic party in protest of your voice not being heard.   

I would suggest you save your donations to give to a local candidate of your choice, or save it because when Scott Walker gets elected again, you will need it!   

Apparently their new 72 county strategy, means the democrats will now follow the republicans lead and pick all candidates for us.   I don't remember the choosing of the candidates being on the platform of the Democratic Party Platform.  

 10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. - Timothy 6:10




  1. This is completely unacceptable. I would say, let Burke begin her campaign. I'd give her a few weeks, at most, before she goes under as a laughing stock. At that point the serious candidates can emerge and start to campaign. I continue to urge Peter Barca to run but I am fearful that Burke's money will scare everyone out of this race . . . . for now.

  2. If a former banker feels he can't raise the funds - and he makes it clear in the full article that this is his reason for dropping out and not Tate - then there's really no money for Democratic candidates to run state-wide. Walker and his cronies knew what they were doing when they destroyed Democratic funding and a smarter electorate would have opposed him from the beginning. Quote bible verses if you think that will help. Personally, I'm going to listen to her after she announces and give her a chance. If Vinehout can see her way to a run, I'll listen to her too. Giving up isn't an option for me - Walker will only inflict more damage leading up to his presidential run. Not less.

  3. Replies
    1. Now you want me to think for you, too?

    2. Sorry, was hoping you made sense. I dont speak Tea Partese....

    3. Blaska, wouldn't you have to learn to think for yourself before you offer to think for others?

    4. Democrats = party of the people.

      GET IT?!

    5. Republicans, party of one, themselves.

  4. Self inflicted wound to deny support to WisDems because they found a great candidate. Anyone can still run in the primary. Anyone can try to generate support for a run. After a year of looking for a good candidate (Feingold, Kind, Falk, Taylor, Mitchell) and considering a run myself, I am very happy someone like Mary Burke is willing to step forward.

  5. Longer version of my comment above - I Support The Mary Burke Strategy

    1. A few contentions...

      1) While we live in a plutocracy (actually, the state is an oligarchy and MKE County is a plutocracy), you must understand that it can be stopped by the people.
      2)Pay attention to what is happening in Milwaukee County. The talking points going on for Burke are the same ones used for Abele. And Abele is so godawful that he makes Walker look good.

    2. I've said that for about a year now. Watch what you wish for. Better the devil you know, maybe?

      Burke is not labor-friendly. Her policies are no better than the other dictators who are now in office. A Rep in Dem clothing.

  6. Anyone can stll run, but there wll be huge party pressure on you to drop out.

    As for your longer version -

    * The 2014 election will be a show of plutocracy as Scott Walker will use millions to mislead voters.

    SO we want someone wth no record that has managed to stay away from the people and her base and just hang with Insiders.

    as for offerng up alternatives, I have numerous times n the past.

  7. I would rather have Walker win than run a republican-lite. She garners inspiration from no one. Would no doubt cater to "moderate" conservatives (all 2 of them). Conservatives won't vote for her, if she keeps up her anti teacher voting it is a signal that there will be no pull back on act ten. This will make me sit it out along with many others. We need a true progressive no more of this republican lite bullshit. We need a directly opposite candidate that can lay to waste all of this discredited supply side nonsense. It would be better politically for walker to win. Continuing failed policies in the interest of appealing to moderate conservatives will blow up in the democrats face because well, their policies are fucking nasty. No, it's better for the GOP to completely own the hell that has been unleashed. Maybe real punishment is what the people of this state need to finally flush these teaparty scumbags down the toilet..

    1. I don't agree with sitting out the election if the Dens go "Republican lite", as anything is better than having an absentee Scott Walker drive the state further into the ground. But otherwise I agree with your take.

      People are looking for leadership that stands up to the abuses in our broken political system. Giving the nomination to Mary Burke just because she has money does nothing to change this. At the very least, Burke needs to EARN this nomination, and be running on a platform that has the Dems as the true 21st Century party- demanding marriage equality, supporting worker rights, supporting independent redistricting, and overturning the Citizens United decision for state elections.

      This party needs to act differently than the corrupt, cronyist TeaBags that are screwing this state over, instead of behind-the-scenes dealings to knock certain candidates out of the race. Good candidates with a great message is what makes people in midterms DECIDE TO VOTE IN THE FIRST PLACE! And that's the way Dems win in 2014.

    2. Jake,

      As much as it pains me to say this, there are "Democrats" that are just as bad, if not worse than, Walker. David Clarke and Chris Abele come to mind immediately. And what Burke has been showing is a lot more like Abele and a true progressive.

      I won't bury us deeper just because the candidate has a D behind his or her name.

    3. Capper, get over yourself. No one is worse than Walker, and even though I don't want Abele around in Milwaukee either, he is nowhere near as bad as the Dr. Destructo currently in the Guv's office. Clarke is no Dem, he's just a cynical clown who doesn't register in this equation

      You know a ham sandwich is better than Walker, and your little mope routine is tiresome to us. I agree that we should stand up and demand a real primary with an honest exchange of ideas over back room dealings. But I don't see how anything is worse than an absentee Scott Walker getting another term, and to say otherwise is a stupid take

    4. And I understand the argument of "Let's not have Drms take pro-union votes for granted," but voting out Walker and working for the Dem candidate are two separate actions. I'll transfer my energies to other races of I think the Dem candidate is lame or being GOP lite, and work to get the good guys and gals into power that way.

      But I won't pout and take my toys home with me. That's what the Baggers really want us to do, and I'm not going to let them. I'd hope you feel the same

    5. People said similar things to me when I was warning them about Walker. Gee, who was right then? And to sit and wait until it's too late, then shrug and run off to some other distraction is not the solution either.

      I must say that I am more than a little surprised and disappointed that you cannot see past your own nose. But you aren't the first and you won't be the last. Just don't come crying to me when you do finally realize that, yes, it could be worse.

  8. Wisconsinites for an Open and Fair Primary, Based on Ideas, Not on Money is dedicated to ensuring that the Democratic Primary for the gubernatorial nomination is conducted with a strict cap on candidate expenditures, and on expenditures by "independent groups." We can accomplish this only with agreement among the potential candidates, their supporters, party and elected officials, and the general public. We call on all potential candidates, and officials of the Democratic Party to announce their support for capping expenditures during the primary, and to ensuring that Democrats have the opportunity to assess, on even terms, the ideas, accomplishments, and character of candidates. Also visit