Wednesday, April 29, 2015

American Federation For Children Has A History of Lying

In Tennessee, the American Federation for Children, who is represented in Wisconsin by Scott Jensen,  won an award for the best negative direct mail piece.  

Also, in the  Mandy Wright assembly race, American Federation for Children spent much money on an ad against Ms. Wright that was not fact based.   It helped MS. Wright get beat by all of 86 votes.

Does American Federation for Children take pride in negativity and misinforming voters?  

Their mission statement being:

The American Federation for Children envisions an education system where parents are empowered to choose the best educational environment for their child, where innovation and entrepreneurism revolutionizes our education system, ensuring all children, especially low-income children, are provided with the opportunity to receive the finest education possible, whether it be in a traditional public school, public charter school, virtual learning, private school, home school or blended learning.

Are parents really empowered to choose the best educational environment when American Federation for Children spends millions of dollars to misled and misinform them?   Is lying, and smear attacks part of the curriculum of the schools they advocate for?    

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