Monday, April 6, 2015

Christian Schneider Makes It Up As He Goes

By Jeff Simpson

How Christian Schneider is allowed to write fantasy, in the form of an actual opinion, so often in the Journal Sentinel is one of life's great mysteries.   His recent bit of fiction, tells us how great society is since we passed concealed carry laws

 Yet nearly four years later, nearly 250,000 concealed carry licenses have been issued, and one would be hard-pressed to notice any difference in the state.
Of course to get to Schneider's article, you have to get through this one

2 dead after shooting each other in fight outside Milwaukee bar

Two people opened fire on each other outside a Milwaukee bar early Sunday, leaving both dead and capping a day already darkened by four afternoon shootings in the city and two others the night before.
The double homicide occurred outside Comments Bar, 5219 W. Hampton Ave., as the bar was closing, Milwaukee police said in a news release Sunday.
In 2014 there were 111 shooting deaths in Milwaukee alone:

Two fatal shootings in Milwaukee this past week pushed last year's tentative final total of gun homicides in Wisconsin to 111.
One of the fatal shootings was the high-profile death of 13-month-old Bill Thao. The boy was hit when dozens of bullets were fired at the family home, though police say they don't believe the Thaos were the intended target.
The other death occurred on Monday night when Fernando Washington, a 31-year-old man, was shot during what police say was an argument.
Gun homicides were down slightly in Milwaukee in 2014, but nonfatal shootings were up. Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said he hopes a recent swearing-in of more officers will make a difference .
 The medical community is more advanced these days, which means more survivors, but shootings are up.  

 The total number of people who were either fatally or nonfatally shot this year in Milwaukee is currently at 650, using data from the city of Milwaukee's Homicide Review Commission. 

Then Schneider as he is so prone to do, fell back on the old Republican talking point:

 Naturally, there were hyperbolic predictions that Wisconsin would become the "Wild West," where hypothetical people at traffic stops would suddenly open fire on one another.
 Of course in right wing world that has never happened.  In the real world however, it has happened.

Two Milwaukee men — each with a state permit to carry a concealed weapon — traded dozens of shots in a rolling shootout through two sides of town and down a freeway, the kind of scenario concealed-carry opponents feared would turn road rage incidents deadly.
It is so much easier to make your case for extreme right wing policies when evidence and facts can be ignored.   Schneider makes a living ignoring the reality of everyday in Wisconsin, yet amazingly continues to have a forum in our state's largest newspaper.  

Schneider though, was able to end his column in what will be elected into the Hall of Fame of irony:

The question is, how wrong do these people have to be before we stop believing them?

Seriously?   The answer is simple.   As long as Christian Schneider is given a forum. 


  1. The problem isn't what this Walker hack writes. It's that Milwaukee Journal Sentinel prominently features and promotes his propaganda across Milwaukee County and the rest of the state. We cannot take back our democracy until we hold the media accountability. This will take economic action and boycotts.

  2. Schneider talks in a word salad and is irrelevant!

    1. He should be irrelevant, but David Haynes gives this guy column-inches several times a week, so he is made relevant to the average dope that still reads the J-S.

      Which is why I don't pay a DIME to that corporate rag, and you shouldn't either.

  3. He sure writes better columns than you do, Homer. Plus he hasn't managed to get himself banned from the website like you, either.

    Maybe you should just admit that you have a gay crush on Christian Schneider and move on.

  4. Of course he didnt get himself banned, he writes what the powers that be tell him to write. I exposed them. There is no room for light to be shone on them at all.