Friday, April 24, 2015

Walker Tries To Rewrite His Job Creation History

On Friday, Scott Walker (or more likely one of his campaign aides - since it's spelled correctly) issued the following tweet about his job numbers:

James Rowen at The Political Environment caught this and pointed out that Walker had conveniently tried to drop 100,000 jobs from his campaign promise. Rowen also notes that most of the jobs that Walker did create are sub-poverty level jobs.

Rowen also points out that the only way that Walker was able to pretend to meet his promise of 10,000 jobs was to count girl scout troops and little league teams as new businesses.

The thing that caught my eye was his claim of "Positive #jobs growth in Wisconsin starting on Day One."

What utter rubbish!

There is ample proof that after Walker's first budget took effect, and about the same time the ramifications of Walker's Act 10 - the attack on public sector workers - were first being felt, Wisconsin had a steep loss in jobs. In fact, there was six consecutive months of job losses when Walker's policies took hold.

That's hardly what I would call positive job growth from Day One.

Then again, to be fair, that does not include all the jobs that Walker created in other states, like Minnesota and California.


  1. Remember last fall when he told us there was a surplus?
    Yeah, its like that...

  2. What, no mention of the 39,000 jobs that were added in the state in the year before he took office? And no mention of the 10.7 million new jobs added in the country over those same 4+ years? Why not?

    What a pathetic and desperate post. He's flaming out of sight, and everyone outside of bubble-world knows it.

  3. Why, Jake, those two numbers just gave PolitiFact enough justification to issue Wanker's tweet a "Half-True" ruling instead of a "False" or "Pants-on-Fire" ruling! You know they bend over backwards, given any ghost of a chance....