Monday, April 13, 2015

Scott Walker Reinterpreted

By Jeff Simpson

I (and probably you) received this fundraising email from Scott Walker yesterday,  The unmitigated gall it took to write this is impressive.  Needed changes(in red) were done courtesy of us at Cogdis at no charge to the taxpayers of WI.


Hillary Clinton has finally made it official ... she will seek the Democrat nomination for President of the United States.

Technically she just announced today, but in reality she has been running for nearly a decade.  (which actually beats Scott, who has been running for 25 years.) 

Despite a meticulously crafted new persona (switching positions seems to be the way to go), perpetual candidate (says career politician Scott Walker who has never spent a day in the private sector) Hillary Clinton represents all of the failed policies that Washington has been churning out for too long.
Washington isn't working.
Wisconsin is.

Please stand with a proven conservative today. Support Friends of Scott Walker with $10, $35, $50, $100, or even $250 to show your support for our conservative successes and vision for the future(send me lots of money).

In Wisconsin, our big bold conservative reforms have worke(to put us into a bigger deficit hole than before we took office). Our unemployment rate is down to 4.8% in 2015 from a peak of 9.2% in 2010 and our hard-working families have more money in their wallets(despite the fact I was a miserable failure at my main campaign promise of creating jobs). 

Fiscal order has been restored(not really but no one in the media would dare call me on this lie). Hope has been renewed(No it really hasn't, Wisconsin's middle class is shrinking more than any other states).

If you support the Wisconsin Way, contribute $10 or $100 or $1,000 or another amount right now(send me money).

Having served as Secretary of State for President Obama, Hillary is part of the Washington problem. She thinks bigger government is better government(like forced ultrasounds and DNA collection). You and I know better.

We can do better.

We will do better.

If you agree that we don't need another four years of the failed Obama-Clinton agenda(send me money) ...

And that we need to look outside Washington for solutions to the challenges facing our nation (send me money)...

Then please continue to stand strong with us today(send me money).

Scott Walker

P.S. Brace yourself: On the heels of her "big announcement," the news will be "all Hillary, all the time" for the coming weeks. It's more important than ever to promote our conservative principles. With your continued support, we will continue to do just that.(send me money)


  1. Wait, isn't "Friends of Scott Walker" Scotty's GOVERNOR campaign site? What does Hillary Clinton have to do with a Guv's election in 2018. HMMMMM???

    And if "fiscal order has been restored", then why are there cuts to K-12 and higher Ed by more than $400 million in this budget? And why did we have more than 70 referenda in this state to fund schools last week?

    I know the paid-off Wisconsin media won't ask these obvious questions, but maybe some national folks and GOP opponents might be interested in those answers.

    1. You post the same tiring tirade again the media here over and over again, all the time. How 'bout you just post that on your blog?

    2. ... and why did we have this purported Wisconsin governor touring Europe and all over the US instead of trying to reduce the problems he's caused right here in Wisconsin?

    3. Hey, Anonymous @ 3:35pm, you keep posting the same Kochspam over and over again, all the time. How 'bout you just shout that back at Rushbo in the privacy of your basement instead?

    4. Jake would be the first to call you out for bnging up media complicity. You obviously don't read the treads. You have missed that anon is just reporting dome nonsense that Jake posts. Sad when someone like Jake flames someone for making it he exact same point and then you jump on the bandwagon.

      Koch wins when Jake anoints himself the only Diety that can comment on the media here.

    5. I'm in total agreement with you Jake, there was two referendum questions concerning education funding on my ballot last Tuesday. I fail to understand how Walker can go around claiming cutting taxes when his actions having clearly been just a tax shift. I'm also completely disappointed that our media allows Walker to make these claims without calling them the lies that they are. Republicans aren't supposed to like liars, they told me so when Clinton said he didn't have sex with that woman. They told me that they don't trust liars, but here they are voting for a serial liar multiple times and continuing to support him even as the lies are exposed.

  2. You should have added "ic" to Democrat (i.e. "Democratic", or something Walker knows nothing about).

    1. Good catch. Calling it "Democrat" is a dog-whistle thing. You hear it on Limbaugh's program all of the time. Walker's pandering to his base.

    2. We could just call you all "rats" for short. A lot more descriptive, too.

  3. Walker is claiming Wisconsin is working, and talking up his tough Act 10 union busting beatdown on the state employees all over the nation. His republican supporters told state employees if you don't like Act 10 go find a different job, in a smug way that suggested these employees were unemployable anywhere else and they still had great jobs.
    The untold story not being told, is what is happening behind the state prison walls with the correctional officer labor pool. It's shrinking, officers are retiring and new officers (after getting a taste of the new non-union contract controlled management), are quitting at a high rate.
    To combat the loss of new officers, the Department of Corrections started Walker's second term with a decision to change up how overtime was forced on staff, as soon as a computer program to track it could be completed. This has resulted in many more officers finding new jobs or retiring.
    Now as summer approaches and vacation season begins, things could get very interesting and leaves those still working as officers wondering where this will lead.
    Meanwhile, the word is that new officer training will not start until this fall. Rumor is that they were only able to find 8 people to start the program.