Thursday, April 23, 2015

Deanna Doubles Down On The Dumb

Last week, Milwaukee County Supervisor made a fool of herself by trying to start a Twitter trend by referring to Hillary Clinton as "Ovary."  When called out on it, she tried - and failed - to act coy and deny it was really about Hillary.

A week later, Alexander is still receiving blow back from her negative attention seeking stunt, with two of her fellow county supervisors calling her out:
"With disbelief and disappointment, I read the comments of one of my colleagues who has chosen to address former United States first lady, senator, secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as a female reproductive organ," said Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic in an email to No Quarter.


Supervisor Patricia Jursik went on the attack in an email to Alexander, the citizen and other County Board members.

"I'm embarrassed just to read this. Please stop using talk radio lingo, it is hurting our local government and our country," Jursik wrote to Alexander.

"Deanna, like you, I have two daughters! I would not refer to the men on our board by their sex organs, nor do I want any of our women referred to in this way," Jursik continued. "This is why tweeting is such a bad idea for politicians. I'm sure if you could take it back now, you would."

Actually, Alexander has no intention of taking it back.

She said she is rearing her two daughters to believe "that neither their gender, nor their religion, nor the color of their skin, should ever be used as a sole reason and method for advancement of their selves." She said Clinton, the favorite for the Democratic nomination, should do the same.

"So, no, my ovaries and I don't for a single minute regret speaking up against Mrs. Clinton's fem-gender-centric campaign and the unrealized bias the American people seem to be letting run them into a very sexist election decision," Alexander countered via county email.

"But as someone who respects you as my elder, and is open-mindedly, non-fanatically, glad to listen to your opinions; I thank you for your concern."

Jursik then tried to get the last word.

"Please don't put words in my mouth," Jursik countered. "You embarrassed this board, an apology might be a more reasoned response."
On the bright side, Alexander has finally admitted that she was referring to Clinton. On the down side, she apparently thinks that Clinton has multiple personalities and that she was just going after one of them.

Alexander said that she was upset that Clinton was using her gender as a campaign issue. Unsurprisingly, this is an obvious lie. Clinton has taken stances on a number of issues, with the biggest one being against Citizens United. This is probably what has Alexander so upset. Without Citizens United, her money pipelines from the Koch Brothers, the Bradley Foundation and Chris Abele would dry up and she would actually have to run on her record, which is a pretty damn poor one.

But if Alexander feels that targeting a candidate on one issue is fair game, and since her only campaign strategy is making a complete ass out of herself, perhaps we should start referring to Alexander as "Hemorrhoid."

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