Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Uncertainty of Scott Walker

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By Jeff Simpson 

It was not very long ago that Scott Walker had this to say:

Asked Thursday about new numbers showing Wisconsin lagging in job growth, Gov. Scott Walker pointed to the uncertainty he said business owners felt because of the political tumult that rocked Wisconsin early in his term.

Meanwhile, his critics said the governor's policies had created a drag on growth.

"The first year we had a lot of protests in the state," Walker said, during an appearance in Milwaukee to promote business growth in the city. "We had two years', almost, worth of recalls. A lot of employers here I think can relate to the fact (that) uncertainty is one of the biggest challenges for employers big or small or anywhere in between. There was a lot of uncertainty. The good news is that's passed."

Fast Forward to Scott Walker's second term and in Wisconsin,  GeminiCares president and owner Kathleen Rublee has said she is closing the doors and laying off 701 Wisconsinites.  


GeminiCares president and owner Kathleen Rublee issued a statement April 7 in which she said the state budget for long-term care of the elderly and disabled has been under the strain of increased costs and increased numbers of state residents needing care.
State officials have sought to make services cost-efficient, but that “put financial strains on those entities which are involved in this system, managed care organizations, county agencies and provider agencies,” Rublee said.
“This along with the uncertainty of the long-term care system of service provision due to changes proposed by Governor Walker weighed heavily into the decision to cease operations,” Rublee said. “Governor Walker has a large task before him as he attempts to address the significant cost pressures of long term care in Wisconsin while also attempting to maintain quality care.” 

The uncertainty of Scott Walker's incompetence and ability to govern are causing this company to close.  

Whose job is next while Scott Walker spends all of his days campaigning?

Never mind, we know who is next.  Teacher after teachers....

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  1. What I don't understand is why do Republican businessmen believe an austerity budget is good for business? Austerity monkey wrenches the economy. Government spending does in fact create jobs. GeminiCares is one of countless examples. Why are Republican businessmen myopic to the reality of economics?

    1. The believe it because they are mediocre dopes who are more concerned with maintaining their position on top than excelling and getting ahead.

      And you wonder why this state's economy stays stuck in the mud while most other states are zooming by us?

    2. "What I don't understand is why do Republican businessmen believe an austerity budget is good for business?"

      Well, it's not good if the austerity's applied to THEIR businesses! It's only good if the austerity's applied to YOU, so the money saved thereby can be given to THEM! Now do you understand?

    3. Therefore Republican businessmen do not understand economics and cannot think ahead. When government spends money, it often creates jobs, which put money in people's pockets, which they spend, which creates jobs, which grow the economy, which puts more money in the Republican businessman's pocket. Austerity gives the Republican businessman a small tax refund without increasing business revenues due to a flat economy that lacks demand because people have little money.

  2. Anon 11:01

    You are failing to understand that Scott Walker works for out-of-state multinational corporations and billionaires, NOT any other business man/woman. Those local business interests are stooopid to support more austerity, but they have been voting Republican based on propaganda in the media for generations. In fact, Republicans (all levels) have always mismanaged the economy.

    Propaganda works.

    But more importantly, auisterity works for out-of-state multinational corporations and billionaires. It gets misrepresented as a excuse for more taxpayer subsidies (you know, the "job creators" lie). It also shuts down main street and the small businesses that may compete with WalMart in some way.

    Austerity means locally owned business and now even some of America's historically largest retailers are going out-of-business. Don't believe the lie this is because of Amazon (which is a perennially money-loser and hemorrhages red ink).

    Not only does Government spending create jobs, but Government itself has a role providing services and thus directly creates jobs. Please don't repeat that republican lie that states Government has no roll directly creating jobs.

    But more importantly, Free Markets do not exist and without the Government protecting the abilities of consumers to have economic choices and businesses to open and compete, we end up with crony capitalism where there are essentially monopolies in every business sector and that monopoly power is used to over-charge consumers, prevent any competition, and to blackmail government for even more corporate welfare.

    The Republican businessmen behind Scott Walker do phenomenally well as monopolies/oligopolies in an austerity economy. The other business folk that support him are rubes and will eventually be put out of business

  3. Our Republican troll's fixation with feces and urine does explain why walker and his Republican allies want to polite our drinking water with the biological wastes and run offs from concentrated animal farm operations (CAFOs). Our troll shouldn't be allowed to come here and merely enjoy his perverse pleasure for the words poo poo and pee pee and such.

    He should also raise a hearty glass of foul manure -tainted water and drink a toast to his hero and our Governor who also must enjoy drinking feces and urine. ENJOY!

    1. Photoshopping sad faces onto Scott Walker is about all you 11-year-olds have left, I guess...

    2. So you think that isn't his own sad face?

      Oh, poor boy.

  4. No, I don't. Here's the original.


    1. Nice try, but (among other major details) the forehead, chin, cheeks, ears don't match between the two pics you offer -- only the expressions are similar, even the lighting is different e.g. at the forehead! -- while if you compare "sad" Scott Walker to "smiling" or even "stern" Scott Walker, all the features are the same.