Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Good News

By Jeff Simpson

Who doesn't need good news during these crazy days?

MILWAUKEE -- Governor Walker's former deputy chief of staff will report to prison later today. 
Kelly Rindfleisch worked for the governor while he was Milwaukee County Executive.
She was sentenced to six months for fundraising for a Lieutenant Governor candidate while on the clock for the county.


I love when true criminals get to pay their penance.   


  1. she got lucky back during the caucus scandals, but it looks like her luck finally ran out.

  2. The D.A. gave Rindfleisch a break in the plea deal with one count of misconduct in public office. The whole Walker operation was a criminal exercise in corruption and and an assault of public integrity. Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf should be getting thank yous from the slime, Rindfleisch.

  3. the best thing is,

    her high priced attorneys lost all their appeals.

    what happened to prosser? lose his nerve.

  4. Republicans bend the rules and fuel the political discussion with billion dollar sound bites. There are just enough people under the 1% who take the bait. We are collectively up shit creek with crooks like walker on the take. Good luck Kelly. How does the view look from under the bus?

  5. How much per hour is she being paid to serve her six months? Sorry, sorry…. I mean to keep her mouth shut?

  6. Can someone please explain to me the difference between what Kelly Rindfleisch did and what capper did?

  7. Uhm...get caught and convicted of an actual crime?