Thursday, April 30, 2015

Scott Walker Touts His Record

By Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker, made a surprise appearance in Wisconsin(the state he supposedly works in) to tout his record. 

RACINE — As he ramps up his expected bid for president, Gov. Scott Walker touted his record on business Wednesday night in front of about 500 people at Festival Hall.

What better place than Racine to show up and see Walker's policy in action?

The Department of Workforce Development released their local employment and unemployment rates for the State of Wisconsin today. Preliminary May 2014 rates decreased or remained the same in 23 of Wisconsin’s 32 largest municipalities from rates in April 2014, and they decreased in all 32 municipalities compared to rates in May 2013. The latest May 2014 rates ranged from 3.2 percent in Caledonia to 9.7 percent in Racine.
Yes we all can not wait for Scott Walker to rollout his special version of heavy spending and no jobs to he rest of the country! 

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