Tuesday, April 14, 2015

ICYMI - Robin Vos

By Jeff Simpson

In case you missed this money quote:

Robin Vos, who is said to be considering a gubernatorial bid in 2018, 

Robin Vos for Governor

We would have a different First Lady every week.

Vos has done such an amazing job at home, why wouldn't we want to give him the whole state?
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  1. If Scott Walker can crush Robin Vos, then Walker can crush ISIS.

  2. Well he better hurry since he's gaining 10 pounds a year and losing hair by the day. Picture above is better than he actually looks.
    Is there a 'First Paramour' position instead of First Lady?
    Can he get the sheep republicans to change the law so he can have a First, Second and Third Lady?
    Adultery is shameful. He cannot possibly claim to be a Christian conservative.

  3. Seriously? He thinks that Walker will be President and so he will run against incumbent Governor Kleefisch with the full support of all of his good friends like ...., umm, ....well maybe.....umm. Narcissistic, egocentric behavior creates many laughable candidates.
    Walker will probably again fire up the secret router and ask Brett Davis if he wants another chance at Kleefisch.

  4. Just your typical slum lord. So run for office for a steady paycheck.