Sunday, April 19, 2015

Scott Walker - Geography Failure

By Jeff Simpson

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker sent this email today:


Our Founding Fathers had it right: leaders who serve closest to the people are the most responsive and accountable to the people.

This has always been Governor Walker's philosophy as governor and it has enabled him to focus on the priorities of the people he serves.

Yet at the same time I received this email, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was in New Hampshire:

DERRY, N.H. — Gov. Scott Walker spoke to potential supporters during a brief meet-and-greet Sunday at Marion Gerrish Community Center as he was wrapping up his second trip to the Granite State in the last few weeks.
“We’ll be back here many more times,” said Walker, one of 19 politicians courting New Hampshire presidential primary voters at the First in the Nation Republican Leadership Summit in Nashua.

Reid J. Epstein         @reidepstein
Scott Walker, getting no favors from NHGOP. His speech tonight moved into far smaller room b/c wedding taking over main venue.

Just because we at Cogdis like to offer help, to Mr. Walker and his uneducated campaign staff.  New Hampshire is NOT Wisconsin, as a matter of fact, New Hampshire is 1218.31 miles away from  serving the people of WI.


  1. Scottie was bumped from delivering his speech in the main convention hall. That shows what New Hampshire Republicans think of him.

  2. There's that keen wit from Homer Simpson, the wit that led him to finish at the bottom in a field of four candidates for school board elections in Monona Grove. Unfortunately, there weren't enough challengers in the election for Jeff to lose his seat, so the kids and parents are going to have to suffer another two years of shoe-sniffing from the demented Chinese shoe peddler.

  3. I will gladly stand on the side of children's privacy rights and safety...its unfortunate that the less government righties stand against me.