Sunday, April 26, 2015

Walker Keeps Hate For Gays Alive

Less than a month ago, it was reported that Scott Walker dished out more than a million dollars in his futile effort to stop marriage equality. Despite losing that costly battle, Walker made it abundantly clear that his bigotry and hatred is still burning brightly:
Wearing a suit — with no mention of whether it was from Kohl's — and pacing the stage, Walker was at ease, peppering a few new elements into a stump speech he's given throughout the country as he considers a presidential bid. In his voice, the wear of two days' worth of events across the state could be heard, but his speech drew cheers, stomps and applause.

Just before he took the stage, Walker told reporters he's holding out hope that the U.S. Supreme Court will rule that states can bar same-sex marriages. But if that's not the case, he suggested that voters should seek a constitutional amendment to allow state-level bans.

"I think the appropriate route is for people across America who care deeply about this issue to pursue a constitutional amendment allowing the states to determine what the definition is," Walker told reporters.

When the Supreme Court declined to hear Wisconsin's case last fall, Walker said, "For us, it's over in Wisconsin." But his comments on Saturday indicated he's not ready to walk away from the fight.

He made no mention of a constitutional amendment in his speech, but reaffirmed his belief that marriage "is between one man and one woman" and that states should be the ones to define the terms.
Just another example showing that Walker wants to be president so badly that he doesn't care whose necks he steps on to get there.


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  2. Funny, that's not what Me. Unintimidated was saying after it was legalized in Wisconsin last year. The coward ran away from the issue as fast as he could.

  3. Years ago, our family business did wedding related sales. I would have been very happy to have increased income due to a larger group of people making purchases. This is just another roadblock by conservatives to creating jobs, and stifiling the economy.

  4. and the LGBT community sat out the last gubernatorial election because they thought their issue was handled. It's never over.

  5. Hillary Clinton put on her plank overturning Citizens United (corporations buying elections) even if it took a Constitutional amendment. Snott Wanker's plank priority is banning gay marriage? Oooh. That'll compare real nicely, given how the national electorate polls these days.

    While he's at it, how about openly backing amendments to ban labor unions, minimum wages, pensions, health insurance, and environmental protection laws? You know he wants to....