Saturday, April 4, 2015

Walker Continues To Skirt Campaign Finance Laws

A couple of months ago, a watchdog group filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission regarding Scott Walker's 527 group, Our American Revival, accusing Walker of using the group to skirt campaign finance laws:
The American Democracy Legal Fund released a complaint to the Federal Elections Commission saying Walker “is testing the waters for a campaign for president of the United States,” and using his 527 political group, Our American Revival, “as his exploratory committee, and in doing so is raising and spending funds that are beyond the contribution limits and source restrictions of the Federal Election Campaign Act.”

Citing press reports, the complaint says Walker’s group received at least two donations of $25,000 and $100,000. Individual contributions to an exploratory committee are limited to $2,700, the complaint states.
Apparently, this isn't the only way Walker's trying to get around campaign finance laws.

Right wing blogger and disgraced Marquette University professor John McAdams has a post up which includes links to two fundraising emails he received from Friends of Scott Walker, Walker's state-based campaign.

The emails are Walker trying to raise funds by carping about Obamacare and boasting about voter suppression.

McAdams notes something interesting about the two emails - they were sent via Mitt Romney's email list from his failed presidential bid in 2012.  At the bottom of each email reads this disclaimer:
"This email was sent by: Romney for President Inc. 500 Cummings Center, Suite 4400, Beverly, MA 01915

This message reflects the opinions and representations of Friends for Scott Walker, and is not an endorsement of Mitt Romney. "
It will be interesting to see if Romney sold his email list to any of the other GOP presidential wannabes. Somehow, I'm thinking not.

It is obvious that Walker is sending these emails out nationwide to raise money for his presidential bid.

In the email regarding voter suppression, Walker writes "By supporting my campaign, you will say in a loud, clear, conservative voice that Big Government's days will soon be over."

And in the email where he's complaining that people are actually getting health care coverage, Walker wrote: "I am convinced we need to shake up the status quo and shrink Washington."

Hmm, what odd things for a governor to say, although they would make perfect sense if they came from a presidential candidate.

But it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.  We all know that Walker's hunger for money and power are all consuming and he has shown on multiple occasions that he has no qualms about breaking the law to obtain more of either of those things.

Lastly, another odd thing I noted about those emails was the image that he chose to use:

Not only did he pick a picture from 20 years ago, he is distancing himself from the Republican Party.  It makes one wonder if he knows he is a long shot and is considering the possibility of running as an independent or Tea Party candidate.


  1. Why is it legal for the taxpayers of Wisconsin to pay for Walker's campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination when he travels across the nation and overseas? Walker's campaign travel costs are making the budget deficit bigger.

  2. I may be naive but I really don't get the whole money thing. He can't spend any of it on himself or bank any in a retirement account so what personal enrichment do you get from millions of dollars of political donations? I guess you get to go to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

    1. It allows Walker to raise his name in RW bubble-world and make "real money in the private sector" as a Faux News contributor and speaker after his presidential run implodes.

      And as John mentions- it's really a money-laundering operation to hide donors' names, while giving payback to those donors. Just like what has been done with WEDC and numerous other Walker grift jobs in his career.

      "Steal big money at Menarrrrrd's!"

    2. Sounds like projection to me, Jake. Quit trying to ascribe Democrat means and methods to Republican political figures!

    3. Really? "I'm rubber, you're glue?" Is that all you weak-minded Walkerbots have left?

      And no, son, there is no Dem equivalent to RW bubble-world and its wingnut welfare. You actually have to have facts on your side here.

  3. Anon at 7:52, once you've got the cash, it's very difficult to track. #moneylaundering101. Walker can use that 527 to pay friends for services that were never rendered. Then those friends "donate" that to someone else, to someone else, and finally, a good chunk of it gets back in Gov. Walker's pocket (speaking fees, bulk purchases of his book....) for his "personal enrichment."

    1. Have you been drinking your bong water again, John? Prove it or shut up.

    2. @9:15 - I see John touched a nerve. Must be true .


      That Clinton foundation is sure one model organization... modeled after AFSCME and any one of the other Democat money laundering orgs, maybe.

    4. The way Republicans justify the corruption of Scott Walker and his Dark Money is to point to Hillary Clinton's corruption. If you think what Hillary is doing is wrong, then you should know that what Scott Walker and the Dark Money billionaires is wrong. You don't see liberals supporting Hillary's corruption. But you sure see plenty of Republicans supporting Walker's corruption.