Wednesday, April 8, 2015

James Daley - Really Bitter Partisan

By Jeff Simpson

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley won and her opponent James Daley did not take it well:

In what could be the worst congratulatory note in history, Mr. Daley wrote:

In a statement, Daley congratulated Bradley but said that, "Tonight we witnessed first-hand the power of incumbency, as liberal special interests band together to protect their candidate."

Hey Jimmy:


Maybe one should not hang out with bitter hate filled partisans if you have a problem with partisanship.  

By the way Jim, if you think liberal groups banded together to win an election, you have not been paying attention the last 5 years to elections in WI.  

Looks like Wisconsin really dodged a bullet of stupidity here.  Michael Gableman is more than enough of an intellectual lightweight serving that we did not need to add to that caucus.  


  1. Wow. Guy is so dumb he can't get elected by Koch cash in a state of neofascist droolers.

  2. What Koch cash?

    From the WI State Journal: "Bradley had railed against outside influence in the race, but it was her side that benefited from issue-ad spending by the left-leaning Greater Wisconsin Committee.

    The group had booked contracts totaling $120,752 on anti-Daley TV ads according to Federal Communications Commissions records cited by Justice at Stake, an organization that advocates for impartial courts."

    Read more:

  3. I did some research, Dave, and must say that I stand corrected. Daley did not receive Koch Cash because that cash instead went to bump Shirley Abrahamson from the chief justice seat, which was seen as more important than unseating Ann Walsh Bradley. Also, the brothers apparently did not feel that Daley was a reliable candidate since he had previously voted for the John Doe probe. So technically you are correct--Daley did not receive any Koch Cash, although the other four conservative justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court have all directly benefited from large infusions of Koch (er, Wisconsin Club for Growth heh heh) Cash.

  4. The pro Daley ads were hilarious. "Time for a fresh perspective..." Awesome, came right out and told us we just ain't looking at the state constitution like we should be

  5. The reason Daley didn't receive any Koch cash was for a reason as cold, calculating, and cynical as the WMC is capable of: "why spend any money when you already have four votes?"