Friday, April 3, 2015

Karl Rove - Chickenhawk



    Evidently, Scott Walker's minions at MJS have decided to trump-up their guy's "TRUE" ratings with a meaningless and entirely bogus "fact-check".

    Not only did they rate a story today that has absolutely nothing to do with anything of significance, but they continue to falsely promote the lie that Scott Walker is a "regular joe". Nothing could be further from the truth as common folk do not receive millions of dollars from out-of-state multinational corporate interests, become millionaires on Wisconsin's Governor's salary, and are never criminally investigated for campaigning on the taxpayer's dime and illegally coordinating millions of dollars of excessive campaign donations.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wants you to believe otherwise.

    Up to today, Scott Walker had a 50% rating of pants-on-fire lies, false, and mostly false statements. So what do his promoters at MJS do?

    They rate a campaign stunt story that Scott Walker buys $1 shirts at Kohls at TRUE.

    This is not only amplifying the propaganda that Walker is a "regular joe" and uniquely qualified to be President, but it gives Walker an entirely meaningless "TRUE" rating to balance what is overwhelmingly a record of lies.

    Each and every Walker FALSE, MOSTLY FALSE, and PANTS-ON-FIRE rating is based on a significant and material misrepresentation that is legitimately newsworthy. MJS props up Walker with mostly insignificant statements that PolitiFact proclaims are TRUE.

    Is there any reason anyone should care if Scott Walker used a bonus program at Kohls and purchased a shirt off a discontinued clothing rack for one dollar out-of-pocket?

    Of course not!

    But is yet another example of how Scott Walker is a media creation and that the myths that are used to promote him into successively higher-and-higher offices is driven by propaganda.

  2. It's not actually"PolitiFact"; it's PolitiShit and it has about as much merit as the stool in your morning toilet.

  3. Anon 9:36

    If you think the junk PUBLISHED by MJS is foul smelling toxic crap, you should get a whiff of the awful stench and vile horror of the excrement that Dan Bice, Jason Stein, and the rest of the corporate propagandists leave in the bathrooms there. Believe it or not, the stooge writers there extrude even worse feces than what MJS chooses to publish. Quite a feat as the shit they print is truly terrible and makes a sane person's eyes water.

    1. Is that you, Mr. Pocan? You Democrats sure know your feces!

    2. Come on, Dan Bice, no need to bring Mr. Pocan into this dialog just because you got called out for your shit. Watchdog reporter my ass!

  4. Any of you kids watch the video? Of course not. Good thing too because Rove gets 10x the applause the disenfranchised serviceman got.

    As for the Sweater story, Politifact won because you're discussing it.

    Don't lose general hope. Thanks to an updated mental health apparatus, there'll soon be qualified experts in your respective areas who'd love to hear about your sweater issues.

    1. Bwah ha ha ha ha

      Even Walker's BFFs at MJS can't do better than rate him as telling outright lies more than actual truthful statements, even when 25% of his true ratings are for meaninglessly trivial statements.

      Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!

      You think that's a win?

      Bwah ha ha ha ha! You must be a big Scotty fan boy!

  5. I don't think Jeff himself watched the video, the whiny vet more or less got his ass handed to him by Rove. The vet was probably a Democrat plant in the first place, like something Scot Ross would pull with his personal pet vet, Saul Newton.

  6. Watch the vid again, troll 10:49 & 20:32

    You're lying about it, but then again, you are obviously a republican, so it's probably a sociopathic bad habit you can't control.

    Quick question: Do you do it? Do you teabag? Are you a teabagger