Monday, April 13, 2015

Reince Priebus Calls Hillary Clinton "Untrustworthy"

Reince Priebus, Chief Liar of the National Republican Party, went on television with Bob Schieffer and proved that irony and hypocrisy is not dead among Republicans:
SCHIEFFER: Welcome back to FACE THE NATION with the 2016 campaign now off and running with Hillary Clinton getting in the race officially today, Marco Rubio will announce later this week, we are going to start with the chairman of the Republican Party now, Reince Priebus.

Thank you very much for coming.

REINCE PRIEBUS, CHAIRMAN, RNC: Congratulations, Bob.

SCHIEFFER: Well, thank you so much.

You know, we showed a little clip of the latest Republican ad and you went right after Hillary Clinton even before she announced.

Is there a concern that you might, you know, that it might backfire here and make her, you know, people sympathetic to her with all of this starting so soon?

PRIEBUS: I don't think so, I mean, she has kind of portrayed this air of inevitability. I think if you look at the facts of the case, which is where I really would like to stay as chairman of the party, you know, if you look at the facts of the scandal that surrounds her, you look at the facts of the recent polling, where a majority of people in battleground states say that she is untrustworthy, when you look at the fact she has 100 percent name recognition --

SCHIEFFER: A majority --

PRIEBUS: -- majority of the people polled, in Colorado, Virginia, Iowa, Florida, said she is untrustworthy.

When you took -- you take the fact that she has 100 percent name ID, this is an important fact for people to understand. She has pure saturation.

But yet she is losing to a number of our candidates in those battleground states that have a third of her name ID. So if you were me and you were chairman of the national party and you had someone on the ticket that would unite your party, would help you raise a lot of money and help you recruit a ton of volunteers, you would want nothing more than Hillary Clinton to be on the other side.

SCHIEFFER: Let's talk about some of the things you heard -- and we were talking this morning about this -- the Clinton Foundation and so forth and making contributions from foreign countries like Saudi Arabia.


SCHIEFFER: Is that a legitimate criticism of her?

PRIEBUS: Well, of course it is and now she is going to be under even more scrutiny about where she got the money from, if she used her position as secretary of state, some of which is why these e-mails are so important, why 60 percent of Americans are saying that what she did in regard to her e-mails is inappropriate. These are things we want to know.

And in fact, I have a hard drive for you, Bob. It's at and it's the Clinton e-mail files, a little bit of fun but we have to do a lot of things to point out the fact that the facts of the case are such that Hillary Clinton is quite frankly someone that the American people can't trust.

And so we are going to stick to the facts and the facts are, people have a lot of questions about who she was on planes with, who she was talking to and how perhaps she used her position as secretary of state to get money into the Clinton --

SCHIEFFER: You know, I was sitting here, as I was listening to your answer about the contributions from Saudi Arabia. They do go to a foundation. She can't use that money personally.

But it also occurs to me, a lot of your candidates and the Democrats as well are going to be taking campaign contributions that we are never going to know where they come from, but now you can give these unbelievable amounts of money without any accounting of where the money comes from.

PRIEBUS: The difference is, all those other entities, super PACs, parties, individual candidates, they can't take money from kings of Saudi Arabia and Morocco and Oman and Yemen and that is what Hillary Clinton did. And so she is going to have to account for this money.

And she can't have it both ways. She can't pay women less in her Senate office and claim that she is for equal pay, she can't say --

SCHIEFFER: We don't know she did that.

PRIEBUS: Well, the facts don't bear that out, the facts show that she didn't pay women an equal amount of money in her Senate office but she also can't talk about these things as if she is a champion and then take money from Saudi Arabia that has a record of abuse of women across the world.

The point is, if we stick to the facts -- and that's where we want to be -- then we are going to be able to make the case to the American people that she has a product that isn't worth buying and then at the same time we have to make the case for our own party as well.

So it is not just about Hillary, it has to be about both things.
The brazenness of Priebus is just breathtaking.

He rips on Clinton over her emails and tries to raise the specter of improper fundraising when he himself is tied up in Scott Walker's email scandal and illegal politicking. By the way, Walker's first email scandal was so big that it took up seven flash drives, not just one.

It should also be noted that Priebus went out of his way not to mention Wisconsin, home state of his BFF, Walker, where Clinton leads Walker in the polls.

Although Priebus' hypocrisy is breathtaking, it shouldn't be surprising. He is just following the policy of his party - It's Only OK If A Republican Does It.

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