Monday, April 6, 2015

James Daley - Bitter Partisan

By Jeff Simpson

Capper wrote a great piece recently about why James Daley will not win the election tomorrow for Supreme Court against Justice Bradley.  

However a picture is worth a thousand words:

 As hate talker and cop hitter Vicki Mckenna tweets:

Look who came to watch the @UWBadgers ‪#‎FinalFour‬! @JudgeDaley! ‪#‎VoteDaleyApril7‬ ‪#‎VoteYesOn1‬
The other person is Brian Schimming who was high level in the Wisconsin Republican party but recently appointed by Scott Walker as COO of WHEDA to soak the taxpayers for Cadillac benefits and $128,000/yr.   

Can a judge be that dishonest that he would claim to be "non partisan" and hang out daily with bitter partisans like these two?   Do we really want someone in the highest court who thinks a day with Vicki Mckenna is a good day? 

Vote Ann Walsh Bradley as if your state depends on it.  It does.


  1. Where was the picture taken? I guess I can cross that place off my list

  2. Being boastful when dems have had their asses kicked in Wisconsin and repugs already control WI Supreme Court, the legislator, and Governor's office is just stoooopid. This is a critical election and meaningless proclamations are not helpful. Shame on both of you. This is not in the bag by a long shot.

  3. Daley's "concession" was so sour, it's a wonder the microphone didn't corrode into particles as he spoke:

    ""Tonight we witnessed first-hand the power of incumbency, as liberal special interests band together to protect their candidate."

    Wow, Judge Daley, in a supposedly "non-partisan" race, YOU got funding straight from the Republican Party — how's THAT for special interests?! — but voters STILL didn't want you, they wanted the other candidate instead, could it be that you were just the worse choice? Ohhh noooo, we can't consider THAT possibility!