Saturday, April 4, 2015

Scott Walker - Kohl's Shopper

By Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker brags on the campaign trail that he buys shirts for a dollar at Kohls.   Of course he is no where near being able to understand why if you buy too many shirts for a dollar at Kohls, Kohls will cease exist.  That takes a basic understanding of economics, which we all know is beyond him. 

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However there is something that I would hope the Governor would understand at this point, especially if he wants to be leader of the free world. 

Maybe he gets his clothes so cheap at Kohls, because he is buying clothes that are three sizes too big for him.  



  1. I want to see the receipt, and match it to the sweater.

  2. i cant believe Politifact gave him a true without seeing the receipt

  3. As with all the lies he tells, Walker counts on the fact that the media won't confirm the facts.

  4. And if Kohl's sold it for one buck, was it made in a Bangladesh sweat shop by a child paid 6 cents a day? Is that Walker's idea of moving Wisconsin's economy forward?

  5. How much does scott walker pay for asswipe? The koch brothers make it. Does he get that free?

    If so, shouldn't Milwaukee Journal Sentinel promote the free asswipe he uses as more proof that scott walker is a "regular joe"?

  6. Damn, Scott Walker sold us out for Koch brothers asswipe? No wonder he keeps shitting on Wisconsin. The cleansing wipe is FREE.

  7. Kohl's has public restrooms where you can use the asswipe FREE! That's more "common Joe" than even a one dollar shirt! Where is Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on this big story. Surely PolitiFact can check to see if Walker took a dump at Kohls and got some FREE asswipe!

    You see, he's just like us that Scotty.