Thursday, April 23, 2015

Van Wanggaard Wants To Put Your Child In Danger

By Jeff Simpson

Newly elected Senator Wanggaard, who was so unpopular in his district, the Republicans had to completely redraw his district to shield him from moderates, just got a bill passed that eliminates the 48 hour waiting period to buy guns.

"Wanggaard said arguments that the waiting period helps defuse potential incidents are "a great talking point" but the wait plays little to no role in gun violence. He said people don't have to endure waiting periods to buy other items that could be used as deadly weapons such as skillets or steak knives."
Yes when Van talks, you understand why they needed to redraw his district.  

Simple minded Van, is on the gun(ie NRA) bandwagon and is on a roll. His next objective is to arm our elementary schools.

The 2011 concealed carry law prevents citizens from bringing a firearm near elementary, middle and high schools. The proposed bill would exempt off-duty and retired law enforcement personnel from this ban.
Bill co-author and Judiciary and Public Safety Committee Chair state Sen. Van Wanggaard, R-Racine, said the proposal would increase school safety in the event of an active threat and noted that he himself was armed during the hearing.
"When you have a firearm for your career, you learn that carrying it is a positive," said Wanggaard, a former Racine police officer. “This is a common sense change to state law with bipartisan support … We want to multiply the good guys with guns.”

 Let's hope that even Mr. Wanggaard has the common sense to wait until this trial is over before he introduces this bill:

A jury found Andrew Steele not criminally responsible by reason of mental defect for the deaths of his wife Ashlee Steele, 39, and her sister Kacee Tollefsbol, 38, in August.
Ashlee Steele and Tollefsbol suffered gunshot wounds and other trauma at the Steeles' home on Yarmouth Greenway Drive in Fitchburg eight months ago. Ashlee Steele was dead at the scene and Tollefsbol was pronounced dead later at the hospital.
Andrew Steele did not deny killing the women but last month pleaded not guilty by mental disease or defect due to his nervous system disease ALS. He was diagnosed with ALS last summer and retired from his position as deputy at the Dane County Sheriff's Office in June.

It would be nice if Mr. Wanggaard had passed this bill before and allowed Mr. Steele to be armed in a local elementary, looking to do the same to his children, that he did to his wife.  

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  1. Maybe it would be best to just get a list of everyone that already has a gun and keep a closer eye on them. If you could determine they were going through some stress then the authorities could remove those weapons from their home temporarily until whatever stress they are experiencing has passed. After a certified, registered, and licensed psychologist checks them out and gives them a stamp of approval or whatever then they could have their weapons back after that. The problem is that too many people that can get angry potentially already have their arsenal built up. Also, it would be something to consider to also remove all hammers, machetes and knives (including steak knives) from the homes. With technology we have now we could also restrict the purchase of things like basically anything that could cause harm to a body by credit or debit card only (no cash). That way if someone was on that list of potential problems they could be restricted from purchase until removed from that list. It is a start.

    1. i have a better idea. Instead of wasting time crafting a long response that is neither creative nor witty, why dont we just keep guns out of our schools?

    2. I agree. I wouldn't trust the average teacher with my child let alone my child and a gun. That's like asking a mentally handicapped person to fly a helicopter in a war zone.

  2. So much shorter but even less wittier and zero substance.