Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Scott Walker's Big Obama Question

On his Facebook page, Scott Walker has a big question for his foamng-at-the-mouth supporters:

Walker wants to know what President Barack Obama's biggest failure is.

That's an easy one.

Obama's biggest failure was not having Attorney General Eric Holder indict Walker on RICO charges.


  1. I'll go one further- failing to indict the Kochs for tax evasion and money laundering for using tax-exempt "social welfare" organizations to funnel money to candidates. Which is what John Doe 2 is all about, and why it's being fought so hard by the RW oligarchs that own Walker.

    In fact, Holder should say he's investigating this and file some charges. Bet Loretta Lynch's nomination would go through the Senate immediately if he did

  2. Loretta Lynch's nomination as Attorney General has just been confirmed by the Senate... so now those prosecutions can proceed without interruption!