Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCXLI

Remember when Scott Walker said that Wisconsin was "Open for Business?"  Remember when he said that attacking the unions would help create so many jobs?  Remember when Walker said that all the tax breaks to Big Businesses would help create jobs?

Yeah, well, neither do these 119 people:
McCain Foods USA Inc. will close its plant in Fort Atkinson, eliminating 119 jobs.

The job cuts are expected to begin June 26 and run through Dec. 18, the firm said in a notice to state officials Thursday. The company didn't say why it is shutting down the plant.

Most of the employees are represented by United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 1473. Neither a union representative nor a McCain representative were available for comment late Thursday afternoon.
Walker's agenda hasn't worked for four years and it will never work.

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  1. If Walker's agenda hasn't impressed you yet, then you need to look deep, deep, into his dead, dead eyes (split-level, set at different heights in his face) until you realize you're looking into the equivalent of shark's eyes, predatory and compassionless. Whatever is planned behind those eyes, hope it doesn't involve you.