Sunday, November 25, 2012

Alberta Darling - Put Up or Shut Up

The fact that I even think, "man, I've written on this subject way too much" still boggles my mind. I shouldn't be having to think that. This shouldn't be happening. I'm tired of hearing these stories. First Voter ID and now these bogus claims of voter fraud in the 2012 presidential election. I'm sick of the right wing trying to mold our legal, constitutional rights to bend to their favor. I'm sick of them cheating. I'm sick of the unfairness. I'm sick and tired of their sore loser comprehension. Yes Senator Darling, President Obama won our state. You know why? Because the majority of Wisconsinites VOTED FOR HIM. It's not a conspiracy. It's not magic. It's democracy in action. The people have spoken.

Here's what happens when Republicans start crying foul. Remember this? Robin Vos tried to use voter fraud claims against John Lehman, and guess what? Politifact gave his claim a FALSE rating. And here is an interesting one out of Ohio, making a hilarious claim that President Obama got more votes in one county than there are people registered to vote there. And here is Greg Abbot, Texas Attorney General, lamenting about non-existent fraud in Texas. Oh, here is Mr. Abbot again, stretching the truth about fraud convictions in Texas.

News21, a journalism initiative out of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State, did a study on voter fraud and what the real numbers are. What they found was immensely profound:

From News21 -
How many cases were found? 
To date, the News21 election-fraud database contains information on 2,068 cases. 
Two thousand cases of election fraud that could have been prevented by voter ID laws? 
Actually, no. The cases reported to News21 from all the public-records requests cover a dozen different kinds of election illegalities and irregularities. Only one of those categories — impersonation of another voter at a voting place — involves the kind of fraud that Election Day voter ID laws could prevent. 
And only 10 such cases over more than a decade were reported to News21 by election officials and prosecutors across the country. During that time, 146 million Americans were registered to vote.
SO MUCH VOTER FRAUD! Oh wait....NO THERE'S NOT. Statistically speaking, 2,068 cases is less than 1/10 of 1% of ballots cast. I'm pretty sure it's even less than that. And the fact that they found only 10 cases where Voter ID would have come into play, is even more damaging to the GOP's floppy argument. (Here is the link to News21's piece on putting together their information and statistics.)

So why does the GOP need to be so unethical? I suppose it's because of the huge losses they took on November 6th. And we know when lots of people register to vote, the GOP doesn't win. And now Scott Walker is a hero for wanting to take away same day voting registration. FYI Scott and Alberta - Republicans same day register, too. I guess you're willing to take a few political supporters down in order to achieve your ultimate goals. Sad.

So, show us the fraud, Senator Darling. Until you do, you're nothing but a liar. Your claims are incredulous and unfounded. There is no merit. No proof. No nothing. Here's a tip - Maybe your party wouldn't be losing so much support if it stopped treating everyone who isn't rich and white like second class citizens

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