Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Attention Democratic Women!

From Emerge Wisconsin:
Democratic Women! Have you been inspired by the election of U.S. Senator Elect Tammy Baldwin? Are you ready to run for office yourself?  Don't Wait!The Emerge Wisconsin Application is due tomorrow, November 14! Have you applied yet? You have until midnight, Wednesday, November 14 to apply.  You can do so by clicking here: 

Last Tuesday, 21 Emerge Alumnae were on the ballot.  They inspire us and we hope they inspire you. We wanted to offer one more round of "Thank you" to the following women who stepped up to say "Yes, I will run."  
State Senate:
Nikiya Harris, '11 (6th Senate District)Senator Jessica King '07 (18th Senate District)Tanya Lohr '12 (20th Senate District) 
State Assembly:
Mary Arnold '12 (37th Assembly District)Carol Beals '10 (49th Assembly District)Representative Penny Bernard Schaber '07 (57th Assembly District)Representative Jill Billings '11 (95th Assembly District)Dianne Hesselbein '09 (79th Assembly District)La Tonya Johnson '12 (17th Assembly District)Melissa Lemke '11 (62nd Assembly District)Maureen May-Grimm '12 (51st Assembly District)Diane Odeen '12 (30th Assembly District)Kim Peterson '12 (32nd Assembly District)Melissa Sargent '12 (48th Assembly District)Sarah Ann Shanahan '10 (50th Assembly District)Judy Smriga '11 (68th Assembly District)Melissa Sorenson '11 (41st Assembly District)Mandy Wright '12 (85th Assembly District)Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa, 10 (8th Assembly District) 
County Clerk
Ginny Dankmeyer '12 (La Crosse)Mary Schuch-Krebs '08 (Kenosha)
Ready to join these amazing women? Apply today!
For full disclosure, I do work for Emerge WI, and I'm damn proud of it.

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