Monday, November 12, 2012


The readers of CogDis, are familiar with a Wisconsin based right wing hate group called CRG!  If you remember, they were the Vile cowards that sent out the loathsome anonymous attack on the Janesville teachers!   They are back and we will get to them in a minute!

This election cycle a new "company" seemed to pop up calling themselves "Advanced Research Methods".   ARM offered their services to democratic candidates throughout the state of WI.   Their services consisted of opposition research of the candidates opponents.

A little research and we see a couple things.

1.   They seem to have no website and no way to contact them. 

2.  The only google hit is one Leanne Rice who says her position is an "analyst"   (she obviously is NOT analyzing how to get your companies name out there and drum up business! 

3.  Leanne Rice bills herself as :

Political Consultant
  • Field Operations Manager for Confidential Employer
    Provides confidential services to candidates affiliated with
    all political parties.
4.  Some quick research on her and we find that she is good friends(along with most republican elected officials and staff) with MacIver Institute for Republican Propaganda, Our old friend Shrill laBarre , David Prosser's really really really really good friend Vickie Schimming, paid right wing fantasy blargher Jimmy Wigderson and (wait for it), Orville Seymer.  

5.  Orville Seymer is the head coward of the cowardly CRG.  If I didn't know better, I would think that Ms. Rice is a member of CRG herself!  That of course would be highly unethical so that can't be!  

Conclusion:  It is not hard to do opposition research when YOU are the opposition.  I wonder if they mentioned that when they were trying to get business from the democratic candidates or if they overlooked it.  It is hard to imagine that someone like Ms. Rice and her friends would ever stoop so low as to try and mislead us?  Say it aint so

Maybe the republican party did not think their message was resonating statewide and they needed to get votes another way?   

Some days, the pure dishonesty and lack of ethics of the republican party, amazes even me!  


  1. And don't forget, representing Ms. Rice and CRG in their complaint against the Baldwin-Woodville Area School District was the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, AKA Rick Esenberg.

  2. For reference.

    Clergy Housing Handbook Parsonages
    United Methodist Church

    "Parsonage Standards: In-home Businesses

    At no time may anyone residing in the church parsonage conduct a for-profit business that will compromise the tax-free status of church owned property.
    Any questions about such businesses should be referred to the District Superintendent of conference treasurer or chancellor before establishing the business."

  3. Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practise to deceive!

    1. How can one be sure this is not all an unfortunate mistake of some sort? The Secretary of State filing (click here) has the name "Leeanne Rice" instead of "Leanne Rice." If the correct address for the Registered Agent Office for Advanced Research Methods LLC is 845 Broadway St. Hammond WI 54015, then perhaps that LLC registration should show "Leanne Rice."

      This is confusing. How could something like this happen? How unfortunate. It makes it even more difficult to contact (or research, like potential victims apparently should) the already hard to reach Advanced Research Methods LLC.

      Who would think to check down the street at the parsonage of the Hammond Methodist Church for campaign research? Or for that matter, with the Chippewa District of the Heartland Conference of the United Methodist Church.

  4. Gee, should we all send him an email questioning this, or just send something on to the IRS? :-)

  5. FWIW: I just did a quick search of WI campaign finance records and this outfit is only listed as being paid by two campaigns...both far right Republican.

    David Kuhle paid $2,876.20 on 7/3/12 and lost in the primary. Molly McGartland paid $1,250.50 and lost bad in the general election.

    1. FWIW: I wonder how those payments got to wherever they went, and what account they ended up in. Actual transactions with actual campaigns make this more interesting.

  6. I hope she paid taxes on that income.

    Since it is official campaign business can a freedom of information request be done on it? What kind of penalties occur for someone who falsifies elections papers like that? I suppose it is just her address and the spelling of her name. Perhaps she just had a bad day and made a typo or has dyslexia? I am stretching here I know but I am hoping a preachers wife wouldn't stoop that low, could've got a PO box or used a siblings address.

    1. Be sure you don't make mistakes like that on a bank account.