Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Consider This Your Warning!

While we just finished another round of elections in Wisconsin, there is NO time to rest.

We delivered our state to the President AND are sending Tammy Baldwin to the Senate!! Now we have to look in our own backyards.

 Local elections for Village Board and School Board are coming up in the Spring.  These are "non partisan" elections(term used loosely), and have a major impact on what happens in your local schools and cities/towns/villages, etc....It impacts YOU directly from the quality of your children's schools to the value of your property and everything in between!  

THESE elections matter.  

The problem is we as progressives are late to the party.  The right wing figured this out ages ago, and we are running behind!  I get that these local offices, pay poorly, require a great amount of thankless hours and can be very stressful.   The only thing MORE stressful than serving, is having your municipality or local school run by a group of tea partiers!!   Next thing you know, people's houses will be burning to the ground, or Vicki Mckenna will be sending people to your district to demonize your teachers! Try and sell your house then! 

Have I sufficiently scared you yet?  As we say....but wait there's more.   While we went back to our lives, the "tea party" is organizing for just such a takeover. 

Racine County Wisconsin Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Party DEADLINE

It's time to help!  Racine County Wisconsin Republicans/Conservatives/Tea Parties need to start having a say in their local government and school boards. WE MUST GET INVOLVED.  If you want a say on how your property taxes are rated and spent, here is your chance to do something!

Please consider running for one of these offices.  We need you!  If you are refusing, pass this information on to 5 of the people you think would be GREAT!  If you have questions or need help with signatures, you can contact the Racine County Republican Party or the Racine Tea Party. Nomination papers can be circulated beginning December 1, 2012 - we will help you if you want!  They are due January 2nd, 2013 at 5:00pm

We also have a great FREE information session for anyone committed or even if you are just considering it, please attend! November 28, 2012 thanks to American Majority and "Politics is Local"

ACTION!  December 1st, 2012 you can begin collecting signatures (many positions only require 20 valid signatures)  They MUST be turned in on or before the FIRST TUESDAY IN JANUARY (January 1st this year so I'll find out if the 2nd is acceptable)
Yes, SCARY stuff!!   However we can beat them (almost) every time on the issues.  Most people understand what a complete disaster that the tea party brings when they actually try and govern!  

However we can NOT beat them if we are not in the game.  Run for local office or convince someone you know to run for office and then help them win!  If not YOU than who??? 


  1. This is happening not only in Racine County, but all over Wisconsin, and the nation. Jeff is right - the real battle will be fought at the school board, city council,and county board level. It's not where the sexy is, but it's what's important.

  2. Good lord. Someone keep Teabagger Kim Simac away from our schools up North.

  3. anon 1: i agree its happening all over, i just had the website for the southeast corner of WI. If anyone has any other sites that need to have a light shone on them send them to me - jeff_simpson7@yahoo.com

    anon 2. The only way to stop her is run against her!