Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Moral Bankruptcy!

Political Hack:    A political hack is a negative term ascribed to a person who is part of the political party apparatus, but whose intentions are more aligned with victory than personal conviction. The term "hired gun" is often used in tandem to further describe the moral bankruptcy of the "hack". Charles Krauthammer is a quintessential example of a political hack.

Our favorite political hack and Magyver lackey, Jimmy Wiggy is incensed that newly elected Senate Minority Leader Chris Larson replaced Senator Lena Taylor on the Joint Finance Committee with Senator John Lehman.  By rewarding someone that supported him, over one who did not, is a political tactic that we have been able to track back at least 5000 years.  

By the way, why does Larson hate African Americans? State Senator Lena Taylor is not happy. - Wiggy

See the thing is while Mr inclusive James W. ran to Lena Taylor's defense,  he hasn't always been so kind to her.

@jwigderson on Lena Taylor 3/24/08:"It takes an impressive effort 2 be that dumb and still be able to dress yourself in the morning"
OOPS, I guess Mister W is not so accepting of African Americans after all.

But as we like to say here....but wait there's more:

The Joint Finance Committee, is a committee that has 16 members, and (for some silly reason) the majority party(Republicans) get to pick 12/16 members.   

How many republican members of the JFC are African American?  - 0

How many republican members of the JFC are minorities?  - 0

How many posts has Jimbo written about the lack of minority representation on the republican side of the JFC?   -   0  

Not only that, I counted up the times that  the staunch extreme republican from Walkersha, who has a man crush on Jim Sensenbrenner,  pushed for African American(or any minority) representation in Congressional Committee's  -   0  

How many minorities or women did the republican House of Representatives  appoint to leadership roles?  - 0

How many times did Wigs complain about that?   0 

Hypocrite or Liar?

I report - You Decide!!

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