Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Get Sly Back on the Air!

Capper brought us the story last week of the ambushing of progressive talk radio in Madison, WI(of all places). 

Time to work to get Progressive Talk back on the air.  Please like our new facebook group! We lost the only group of journalists in the city!  



  1. For the last 15 years, this individual has Slymed Clear Channel’s Vicki McKenna. Broadcasting her home address, calling her a whore, calling her “Chlamydia,” picketing her speaking engagements. That behavior is of a piece with his demonstrated record of misogyny. This individual brought WTDY down around his own head and took other people down with him. Todd Akin in Missouri made one stupid comment; this guy repeatedly makes such comments and then "apologizes," happy for the free publicity, until the next slur against women. Now you think CC is going to hire the guy who has been stalking one of their biggest draws? That really is cognitive dissidence!

    1. Such hypocrisy! McKenna, the drunken brawler, makes her living sliming other people, making racist statement, and slandering good men and women. Where's your outrage at her?

      BTW, you meant so say "cognitive dissonance." Perhaps you should ask Santa for a dictionary.

  2. Blaska is not being honest and he knows it. Blaska is one of the I got my state pension so now its time to make sure no one else gets theirs.

    I know Ms. Pyzinski does not want Sly to get a job again, because she is a shallow shrill for the right wing and could never hold up to actual opposition....and in the same building even.

    That's why she had them get rid of john peterson when she first started...because there is no there there.

    The thing is Akin didnt make a "stupid comment" its what he truly believed he just actually voiced his beliefs.

    Vicki is hardly one of CC biggest draws,,,,