Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Scott Walker Hates It When You Vote

Oh Scott Walker, you sly fox, you! You thought that if you went to California to break the news to us that you want to end same day voter registration, that we'd never hear you. But guess what? BS travels, buddy. And we got your message loud and clear.

Yep, our loving governor is back to his old tricks. He wants to once again, make it as difficult as possible for people to be able to vote. He wants to further shred the remaining constitutional dignity we have here in Wisconsin. Didn't he get the message the first time he tried that? And we know why he's doing it. His sidekick Alberta Darling made it perfectly clear that if we had just limited voting to certain groups of people, Mitt Romney would have won the presidential election. They aren't sugar coating it anymore. They're being very blunt about their intentions.

"States across the country that have same-day registration have real problems because the vast majority of their states have poll workers who are wonderful volunteers, who work 13 hour days and who in most cases are retirees."-Scott Walker

Well, hell, those old retired people just can't get themselves together enough to handle this task! And I would bet real money that some of those "retired people" voted for Walker. But what really gets me about this is that Walker didn't make his announcements in Wisconsin (surprise, surprise.) He did what he does best - went to another state (is he aware that he's only governor of Wisconsin?) and dictated his agenda from there. What kind of spineless weasel does that? Scott Walker, grow up and be an adult. Don't run away to other states to give us the bad news. Nothing makes a politician look more weak.

Let's be clear - the amount of voter disenfranchisement that would come from ending same-day registration is astronomical and that's precisely what the GOP wants. According to the Journal-Sentinel, 17% of voters in Milwaukee on November 6th, registered same day. Did you hear all those stories of mass confusion pertaining to same-day registration? Oh, because neither did I. Because that didn't happen.

By the way Gov, where are those 250,000 jobs? Our current unemployment rate is 7.3%. Maybe you should work on that first before working on shredding the very founding of our democracy.


  1. So let me get this right...

    You're telling me that the same state political party which got "one-million signatures" to recall Scott Walker IN 60 DAYS, can't set up a voter registration drive to help update the information of 200,000 to 400,000 Wisconsinites before Election Day?


    Correction, not sad, PATHETIC.

    1. People move.

      A voter registration drive done in 2012 would find that something in the neighborhood of 20% - and maybe more - would have to re-register again by election day in 2014, and even more by 2016.

      It isn't a one-time problem, with a one-time solution.

      People move.

    2. Kev knows there is a difference between can and should. I am sure he got a bonus for his little childish diatribe on here this morning. Hopefully he spends it locally.

      However there is one thing I am sure KB has not thought of. We have to work full time and then take time away for politicing. We do not have the luxury that the Walker Klan had in terms of being able to make a full time job(on taxpayer dimes) of politicing!

  2. @Kevin -- the Republican legislature of which you must be proud effectively ended voter registration drives in the last session. In the past, the GAB was permitted to deputize individuals to register voters from anywhere in the state. These deputies could work at farmers' markets, county fairs, etc., to sign up voters, regardless of the jurisdiction in which the voter lived. The current law, however, prohibits this practice. People can be deputized as registrars only jurisdiction by jurisdiction. So while I am a registrar for Madison, I personally would need to get approval from the Middleton clerk to register Middleton voters, then personally would need to get approval from the Fitchburg clerk to register Fitchburg voters, etc. The problem is even worse for more rural areas, where there are a multitude of jurisdictions. So no, the option of a voter registration drive is not viable, under the current law. Ask the League of Women Voters about it. They would love to do voter registration drives, but can't anymore. The laws are just too restrictive.

    So can your sarcasm. The clear intent of the Republican party in this state and throughout the country is to restrict voting and to take the country back to the days before uppity young people, people of color, people of the female sex, and people of anything other than the propertied class could vote. It is repulsive and ugly, and totally unbefitting our democracy.

  3. Kevin, please explain how ending same-day voter registration will created the promised 250,000 jobs.

    Everything that Walker does ought to be to keep that promise. Period. Anything else is not for Wisconsin; it is posturing, often far from Wisconsin, for his own next job. (So he thinks.)

  4. Uh oh, someone call the waaaambulance for Kevin!

  5. I'd be interested in seeing it on a statewide vote, such as a change in the state constitution. Along with voter ID.

  6. any other Constitutional rights you would like to put to a vote???

    1. Not at this time, thank you.
      It would be win/win, the people get to decide by popular vote. And you wouldn't have to carry on about "constitutional rights" anymore. It's been changed more than a hundred times already (the state constitution).
      I read to many stories of voting levels in madison and Pennsylvania reaching 160% of last potus election. Some are urban areas, I understand people move, but I must have missed the news that cities are growing again.
      Couldn't the state link voter roles to DMV records, that way its one stop, get an ID (free if your so inclined) and be added to the voting roles according to your listed address. Sounds simple to me.

  7. since you read it please feel free to share the links of the voting levels in Madison reaching 160%

  8. http://grumpyelder.com/?p=29196

    Don't forget to listen to this: from the article:

    1. LOL! Neither source confirms your numbers. And on top of that, one is a blog running on hearsay and the other is a prank call. Brilliance in action!