Friday, November 16, 2012

Alberta Darling: Put Up or Shut Up!

People who actually pay attention to politics, know that the whole Voter Fraud meme is Bullshit.  We have covered it right here on Cog Dis and when republicans are honest with us, they admit it also

If you are being really honest and have three seconds on Google, you would see that it was a well orchestrated effort to suppress minority votes.  A little more digging and you would find a plethora of stories explaining that the few cases of "voter fraud" that they do catch every years largely involves republicansWisconsin is no different!

Here in Wisconsin, after President Obama and Tammy Baldwin handily won, the republicans are ringing the racist bell again.  This time it is being led by head bell ringer - Senator Alberta Darling.

HOST: Do you think photo ID would have made any difference in the outcome of this election?
DARLING: Absolutely, I think so. We’re looking at all different kinds of precincts and all sorts of same-day registrations and I know people will go “oh, we don’t have fraud and abuse in our elections,” but what can’t we have voter ID when the majority of the people in Wisconsin wanted it. We passed it. The governor signed it. Why should one judge in Dane County be able to hold it up?

Now One Wisconsin Now is calling out her lies!  

To speak so affirmatively about this epidemic, as you see it, of voter impropriety, I would think you could provide me in a short amount of time the number of documented cases of voter impersonation in Wisconsin in the last several elections and the citations showing such. If you could send this information along at your earliest convenience to the address below, I would be grateful. Please note that we will be asking many of your colleagues, who so forcefully aver the massive voter impropriety myth, to provide this information as well. If they do so before you have responded to me, I will happily pass it along to your staff.

Yes, if Senator Alberta Darling and her cohorts, are so adamant that Voter Fraud is a problem, now is a time to show us examples!  

Alberta, darling, its time to put up or shut up!

Here is Alberta Darling's contact information, if you want to say the same thing to her!  

 Twitter : @SenDarling

Madison Office

Room 19 South
State Capitol
P.O. Box 7882
Madison, WI 53707-7882

Voting Address

1325 West Dean Road
River Hills, WI 53217


(608) 266-5830


(608) 267-0588



  1. Why should one judge halt an unconstitutional law?

    Wisconsin Constitution, Article III, Section 1: "Every United States citizen age 18 or older who is a resident of an election district in this state is a qualified elector of that district."

    That's why.

  2. Wow. Sen. Darling appears to be thumbing her nose at the GAB's Kevin Kennedy who admonishes WisGOP legislators once before for "continued, unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud [that] tend to unnecessarily undermine the confidence that voters have in election officials and the results of the election... there is little benefit in promoting unsupported allegations questioning the credibility of the election process..." Kennedy wrote.

    But, then, Ms. Darling is nothing more than a shill for Scott Fitzgerald and Robin Vos, as we all know.

  3. Odd.... nobody claims "dis-enfranchising the poor" when Madison requires id to use a bus pass, and doesn't offer a free id.
    Its an obvious plan to discourage minorities from riding the bus. Racism I say.
    I contend the real fraud lives in the liberals in Madison.

    1. Of course you "contend that" but you have absolutely no proof whatsoever. Do we need an IMBAR put up or shut up post next?

      Feel free to show me where riding the bus is a constitutional right!

    2. Without id there is now way to prove there is fraud within the Madison transit system.
      See? its a catch 22, almost like......and I can see that annoys you.

    3. The "Madison bus pass ID" thing applies ONLY to people who have an unlimited pass provided to them by their school or by their employer, where the school/employer has agreed to pay for any and all uses of the pass. The ID to be asked for is the school ID or work ID.

      So those being asked for ID by definition are known to have already been provided the ID they will be asked for.

      That is, a VERY different circumstance than 'Voter ID', even if you ignore that whole 'constitution' thing.

  4. There are numerous examples of voter fraud...some have even been criminally prosecuted for it. Yet, we're still waiting for this massive list of people who would be disenfranchised because they can't get an ID.

    Why is the Left allowed to make the racist assumption that black people are incapable of getting an ID?

  5. By all means roland feel free to share those criminally prosecuted people for voter fraud that the republicans voter Id bill would have prevented. ....the floor is yours!