Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Republican Crazies

There is a serious effort after the Mitt/Paul election drubbing by the republican party to pretend that the crazies are the fringe and they are being weeded out.  It is just not true! Here are three more examples! 

H/T Sam Seder & The Majority Report:

Remember that one, everytime Scott Walker/Reince Priebus tell us why they want to get rid of same day registration!

#2 Mitt wont quit!

#3 This guy is the republicans next great "thinker"?


  1. Excellent posting. These creeps are in damage control management mode, and will try any desperate trick to get by. Don't relent on your coverage of these idiots; Rubio's "thinker" pose above is very funny.

  2. Rubio is crazy. The earth was created from a giant turtle through the work of a muskrat.