Sunday, November 18, 2012

Meet the Real John Scocos

As is his wont, every Friday Scott Walker sends out an electronic newsletter with that week's propaganda. And is the wont of a good friend of mine, they send it to me each week since I apparently on their blocked list. And as is my wont, I correct Walker on his misleading statements.

This past Friday was no different.

During the last few weeks, Walker has been "introducing" his cabinet members, even though he and they have been there for two years already. Nothing like that old Walker efficiency, eh?

Anyway, this week's cabinet member was John Scocos, Walker's appointee as Secretary of Veterans Affairs:
As Governor, one of the most important tasks I have is to appoint and communicate with leaders in each state agency. These leaders, called secretaries, ensure agencies run smoothly and efficiently as they operate state government and implement government reforms. For a few weeks, in lieu of the “Just Ask the Governor” section, I will be highlighting a cabinet secretary and providing a brief overview of the department he or she oversees. I hope these updates will provide you with practical information about state government operations, especially as we head into the next budget cycle.

Last year, I appointed John Scocos as the Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA). As the Secretary, he is the chief advocate for the more than 407,000 veterans who call Wisconsin home. He is responsible for the leadership and management of the department, which includes overseeing the Veterans Trust Fund, administering a number of important veterans’ programs, and providing resources to veterans returning home.

John has a long and distinguished record of service to his state and country. He served in a number of capacities at WDVA in the past and as the Chief Clerk and Sergeant at Arms of the Wisconsin State Assembly. John began his 31 years of military service as an Armor Officer. He was on active duty from 1981 to 1990, after which he joined the United States Army Reserve. He was mobilized in both 2007 and 2008 for service in Iraq.
What Walker doesn't inform the people is that his appointee had this job once before and was so poor that he actually got fired by his own board.

Now that he was forced back upon them, several board members, distinguished officers of our military, has resigned rather than be part of Scocos' corruption and incompetence.

And yes, as blue cheddar reports, Scocos is still not good for our veterans, who deserve so much more than the poor treatment they are getting.

And to get a full flavor of what the veterans think of Scocos, as well as Walker, Becky Kleefisch and the rest of Walker's administration, you need to check out Radio Free Wisconsin.  They don't hold back any punches there.

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  1. There's John Scocos, and then there's Dennis Smith (head of dismantling Medicaid and Medicare--also in the midst of a scandal with his office secretary)--both corporate sleazebags.
    The State Veterans' home at King will hopefully survive their tenure. Please expose the problems at King that Scocos and Smith have created, and let's stand up for Veterans and proper healthcare.