Thursday, November 29, 2012

Don Pridemore

Don Pridemore has filed papers to run against Tony Evers for the position of Superintendent of Wisconsin State Schools.  

Don Pridemore bring an interesting resume to the statewide office leading education.   Let's take a peek!

Pridemore is one of the more conservative members of the state Assembly. Last year, he proposed legislation that would require those arrested or charged with a crime to show proof of citizenship if the police officer who stops them has reasonable suspicion to believe they are not here legally.

In Deep RED State Arizona, Russell Pearce, the author of the immigration bill that Pridemore modeled his after,  who has strong ties to Neo Nazis, actually LOST his seat in a recall election(the first in Arizona's history).      But wait there is more:

 Pridemore also has supported the "constitutional carry" concept, based on the belief that the 2nd Amendment allows people to guns without regulation. He says that means people should be able to carry concealed weapons without getting a permit.

Of course, "constitutional carry" is just bowing to the NRA and has absolutely NOTHING to do with the US Constitution.    It is just really bad policy..  In case you forgot or havent read it, here is the actual 2nd amendment:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

But wait, there is more, boy is there more:

 Pridemore was one of nine Republican state lawmakers who said they agreed with the positions of the tea party-aligned group Campaign for Liberty which advocates for arresting any federal officials who try to implement the health care law, passing a "right-to-work" law and legalizing the sale of raw milk.
One would think taking the FAR Right Extreme  "tea party" group Campaign for Liberty seriously would be enough to disqualify him, much less wanting to ARREST any government official who tried to implement a national law(Obamacare). 

Then there is the fact that Senator Ron Johnson points out WHY Don Pridemore is NOT qualified to be in our Government.

"You can really gauge a man's character by who he surrounds himself with and who supports him" said US Senator Ron Johnson who was ironically showing his support! 

However, the ONE reason that really disqualifies Don Pridemore from being taken seriously to run our schools, is his propensity for Grammatical errors in a simple 111 word press release announcing his run!

Obviously we are broke and can not afford spell check, so allow me to help!  

For more information contact:
Bill Savage – 414 218 0959
November 28, 2012

Madison- State Representative Don pridemore Pridemore(R-Erin) has filed papers to form a committee to explore to the possibility of running for the position of DPI Superintendant Superintendent this coming spring.

“The status quo is simply not working. After spending billions of dollars on education in Wisconsin, we have not moved the needle a bit. I believe it’s time for a fresh set of ideas”,  ideas," Pridemore said. “Our children’s education has suffered as a result and I believe it’s time to change that.” that," Pridemore added.

Pridemore went on to say that he expects to reach a decision on the race very soon. (Pridemore went on what?  where? what kind of race? what kind of decision? in only 111 words dealing with one subject can we please be a little more specific?) 

Finally, why or why, would Don Pridemore not put in the press release that he is an "Amateur Judge, ABATE Chili"?

Hey run with your strengths!  

Lisa @ BB has her own take on this!  

H/T Bill Savage also, his incredible incompetence here has left an opening for the whole state to make fun of his boss.  Brilliant way to start a campaign.  That will look good on your resume!


  1. Thanks for the extensive background on Don Pridemore. Hopefully he will not head the DPI.

    I do hope you do some research, however, on the difference between a standing army and a militia. I hope you research the right to self defense, and also the purpose of the Second Amendment to the Constitution according to those who wrote it.

    I'm no fan of the NRA, it's a recruiting/fundraising arm for the Republican Party more than a protector of gun rights.

  2. Thanks for commenting Brad. I do understand the whole reason behind the 2nd amendment and was pointing out that anyone who thinks it was meant to say anyone can carry any weapon anytime with no questions asked(as "constitutional carry" suggests) has no understanding whatsoever of the actual Constitution.

  3. Would you care to enlighten me then as to who has the right to carry and when?

  4. Love to....the 2nd amendment was written because the Founders did not want to have a standing army, They wanted every malke under 40 to be the militia. So every male under 40 would own a gun and be ready when the time comes. They also did not want the british to come in and take these people's guns.

    I agree wholeheartedly with that, we need to make sure the British do not come in and take peoples guns! I think we are ahead of the curve on that.

    As to who has the right, everyone has the right but lets not pretend that you have an unlimited unregulated right to carry any weapon anywhere you want.

    That is just not true and they could not be further from the Constitution if they tried!