Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Walkergate: Overruled!

As I'm sure the gentle reader has heard by now, the Honorable Neal Nettesheim has said that Scott Walker's statements that Walkergate would end this week was "pure conjecture."

Of course, the gentle reader already knew that, since they read it here first, second and third.

Since this news has come out, Walker has taken a much different tone:
Speaking to reporters Wednesday in Madison, Walker stressed that he had no "inside track" on the investigation and said he had just been expressing a hope Tuesday.

"I didn't say I had any knowledge of it when the person asked me a question," Walker said. "I said, like most people I would be happy and hopeful that it might be done this week," Walker said.

In spite of the continued investigation, Walker said he hadn't lost track of his priorities.

"It hasn't stopped us from doing our job," he said of the probe that has convicted several of his former aides. "I think most people - not me - but most people in the state would like to think it's going to end at some point. My focus hasn't changed."
As a commenter had so correctly pointed out:
Since Walker "is not the focus of the investigation" and is only "cooperating", why would he care how long the investigation lasts??...we know the answer...
The next logical question for the reporters to ask Walker is exactly just what is his focus on. His pipe dream of becoming president? Or just raising more money for his legal defense fund? Or getting enough bail money lined up for when the time does come?

And speaking of his legal defense fund, does anyone else suspect that Walker's "Talk With Walker" tour, in which he talks to business owners - most of whom are also campaign contributors - but not to the actual citizens of Wisconsin, is nothing more than a shakedown to get them to contribute to his legal defense fund?

It reminds me of the "Executive Rides" he took when he was Milwaukee County Executive and used county resources and personnel to go campaigning.

Given Walker's propensity to doing the same things over and over, regardless of they're unethical or illegal, it sure does seem likely.


  1. I've emailed some national journalists but does anyone else have a contact at a national level to get this some pub? I'm so sick of this Blago x 10 level of corruption getting no play.

  2. Borrowing editing techniques from campaign commercials:

    "I didn't say—not me—I had any knowledge of it when the person asked me a question," Walker said. "I said, like most people, I think I would be happy and hopeful that it might be—not me—I think."

    I think most people—not me—but most people in the state think. I think people—not me—think it's going to end—with me—at some point. I think," said Walker.


  3. So Scott you want it to go on forever? Funny how you make a point to say you don't want to know it will end sometime. Oh it will end sometime, of course it will and the thing most people in the state are concerned with once they hear about what you've done is not how long the investigation takes but will justice truly be served. Karma comes collecting. She always does. We can see through this statement of yours that you need not want it to end because you are squirming. The change in your tone and rhetoric over the last few weeks is nothing short of Freudian.