Saturday, November 24, 2012

You Look Mahvelous!

We know that new Capitol Police Chief Dave Erwin, is someone who has a very poor understanding of the law and the Constitution, despises when people disagree with him and likes to flaunt his power(which is why he and Scott Walker get along so well). 

Now we know that Chief Erwin cares about more than just squashing dissent, he also likes to look good

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Two Milwaukee uniform companies have charged Gov. Scott Walker's administration nearly $26,000 for new state Capitol police outfits.

Invoices show Lark Uniform Outfitters, Inc., billed the state Department of Administration $1,279 for gold and silver buttons and caps. Badger Uniforms billed the agency $24,500 for shirts and pants.

New Capitol Police Chief David Erwin ordered the new uniforms as part of his plan to upgrade the department's image when he took over in July. The retired Marine and Wisconsin State Patrol veteran also has banned his officers from wearing beards and goatees.

You must CONFORM!!  

These 'fiscal conservatives" are breaking the state!


  1. Kind of like Hitler's SS...

  2. Are we finally seeing Walker's jobs plan kicking in? Oh wait, government doesn't create jobs.

  3. Is the facial hair prohibition even legal? Palli

    1. Being paramilitary, the officers have to be able to wear the safety gear correctly. That means no beards that could prevent a seal on a gas mask.

      As for the 'staches, well, Act 10 took that away. And even though Act 10 was struck down, the state won't follow the court order.