Monday, November 19, 2012

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CLV

Remember how Scott Walker killed high speed rail in Wisconsin?  He said it would cost too much and that no one wanted it.

Yeah, that's just another thing he got wrong.  Nearly a billion dollars and countless thousands of jobs lost because of his greed and ignorance.


  1. Hey, be thankful Walker wasn't in charge around the start of the interstate highway system, we'd still have dirt highways today!

    Brother, talk about having a Governor who is too limited in his Milwaukee suburb-Madison corridor to recognize the world beyond!

  2. The rail plan that was in motion and budgeted for was stopped by Walker. That rail plan made perfect sense, as many relatively-poor people of inner-city Milwaukee depend on public transportation to get to jobs.
    Milwaukee is not the industrial powerhouse it once was, and jobs have either shut down, moved to the suburbs, or distant foreign lands (whatever's cheapest). Our State depends on gainful employment (decent jobs) so that it can fund public works. This was a concept that worked greatly for years, and Milwaukee's population peaked in the latter 1960s.
    I miss those days of Christmas shopping at Capital Court; Walmart holds no appeal to me.
    I'm glad the railroad company is sueing Walker's administration, because that company was actually providing decent-paying jobs to people in Milwaukee's inner-city. The company was actually well on it's way to fulfilling it's contract, funded by the Government, when Walker pulls the plug on that. Un-freaking believable!

  3. Another 7500 !!! Jobs Gone !!! For October !!! ATTA BOY GOV !!!!