Friday, November 30, 2012

Don Pridemore - Part 2

We brought you yesterday the story of Don Pridemore who thinks he is qualified to be State Superintendent of Public Instruction(honestly this is Not satire).

There is more to the story of Don Pridemore then we brought yesterday, so wanted to get this one record also.  

Don Pridemore was a proud sponsor to Glenn Grothman's single parent act, and he was not scared to outcrazy Grothman(yes I did not know it was possible either):

Remember earlier this month when another Wisconsin lawmaker thoughtfully suggested that maybe single parenthood should be considered a factor that may be indicative of child abuse? Pridemore was a co-sponsor of the bill that would've made it a crime for a person to dare try to raise a child on their own outside of the pillowy soft Magic Zone of marriage. But what about women who are being abused by their husbands? Shouldn't they have the option to extract themselves from an unhealthy situation? Nope, says Pridemore. And he's got some expert abused spouse marital advice as well: "If they can refind those reasons and get back to why they got married in the first place it might help."

So, the solution to divorce and spousal abuse is just remembering why you love your abuser? Did he learn about love, relationships, and psychology from tragic early country songs?

In addition to being a ladyhating idiot, Pridemore ignores the fact that men can be victims of physical or emotional abuse as well — and the fact that a poor quality marriage can be a contributing factor to child abuse. Let's get those bitches married, the way God intended! Come hell or high water or emergency room visits or a life lived in a state of utter terror!

Then of course, there is ALWAYS more:

 . A new wrinkle has surfaced as the bills’ co-sponsor, Representative Don Pridemore (R-Heartless Scumbag) has gone on the record as opposing divorce even in the event of a abusive spouse.

So if you are a woman regularly being beaten by your husband, you are a bad mother if you seek a divorce.
“If they can refind those reasons and get back to why they got married in the first place it might help,” said Representative Don Pridemore.

This attitude represents a profound misunderstanding of the realities of spousal abuse. Once the real abuse begins it doesn’t just go away. Power taken is not easily relinquished and that’s what abuse is about: power. Such a dynamic is extremely unhealthy for a child. A boy watching abuse can grow up to be an abuser, his view of women distorted. A girl can grow to be a victim, her sense of self worth destroyed. That’s abuse, not the fantasy of single parenthood being damaging to a child.
And health experts agree. reports:
Dr. Geoffrey Swain of the Milwaukee Health Department is also a professor at the UW-Madison.  He says surrounding a child with an unhealthy marriage can lead to not only abuse, but depression and anxiety.

“To the contrary one of the risk factors for child abuse and neglect is poor quality of marriage,” said Dr. Geoffrey Swain.  “Marriage actually has nothing to do with it, it’s the quality of the relationship that matters in terms of the child’s health.”

How does Scott Walker feel about the big government republicans telling people how they should run their lives and women to suck it up and remember "the good times" while being beaten and abused?

How do women who have been in this situation before, and most sane people who want to live their lives without BIG republican Government interference feel?  

Not sure what job Don Pridemore is ACTUALLY qualified for, but State Superintendent of Public Instruction sure is not one of them(of course neither is assemblyman).  

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  1. You forgot Don's support of puppy mills! Let's add abused animals to the mix of things Don doesn't think matter.