Thursday, November 15, 2012

You Can't Wear That Here!

We all know the devastation that ACT 10 has wreaked on our local school districts.  The Republicans have tried to promote ACT 10 as a way to balance the budgets, which we also found out is flat out not true

In reality, we know that ACT 10 was done strictly to punish the teachers unions because they have perpetually been one of the democratic parties biggest supporters.   This punish your enemies Act was done so poorly that it turned into public worker salary "reform" and had nothing to do with education "reform". 

Act 10 was also written so poorly that it has spawned numerous lawsuits, that have cost the Wisconsin taxpayers millions. 

Now we have more fallout from ACT 10 and the big government legislating the end of public employee unions, is the inability for teachers to have a say in their workplace. 

Witness the latest story coming out of Janesville, WI where the school board hit the teachers with a dress code out of the blue:

Teachers at the listening session objected to the details included in the dress proposal, which calls for collared shirts, casual or dress slacks and skirts "of modest length." The proposal also lists a variety of no-nos, including certain tattoos, revealing clothing, denim of any color and any jewelry or other items deemed distracting.

"It's going to be a lot of work for them to enforce things of that nature," said Craig teacher Kari Alvarado.
Crystal Callison, a teacher at Parker High School, said everyone knows the four staff members who dress inappropriately, so it should be no problem for administrators to deal with them, rather than instituting a detailed dress code.

"I have to deal with the kids about the cleavage and the 'this' and the 'that,' and yet the principals don't have to approach a handful of people?" Callison said.

Murray asked if the teachers had been told about how they should dress when they were hired. They said no, although they recalled student teachers having to be admonished.

Teachers union President Dave Parr said after the session that the problem seems limited to a small group, "So why haven't these people been talked to? Why do they find this necessary?"

How many taxpayer dollars will the "no denim" policy save the taxpayers of Janesville?  What effect will this have on the students achievement and helping to close the achievement gap?

Now that the teachers were given an up to 12% pay cut thanks to ACT 10, you want them to now go buy a whole new wardrobe that fits into your version of what a teacher should dress like In 2012, denim is NOT uncommon in the workplace.

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