Friday, November 30, 2012

Good God! Maybe There is Hope After All.

We have been bringing you tales of republican craziness, almost too many to count.   It has been brought on by the rise of the "tea party" and way to many legislators come from this movement. 

 Despite the fact that they took a resounding defeat in the most recent election, the "tea party" groups have doubled down on crazy, even going so far as to want to nullify federal law and arrest anyone who tries to implement it!

These extremists groups have gone so far as to want to secede from the United States, heck here in Wisconsin, despite being laughed at statewide, one of their own crazies thinks he should be State Superintendent of our Schools. 

Fixing this craziness is not something the democrats can do, it has to come from within the republican party.  Luckily there are signs that this is happening.   An open records review of the emails that the "loony party of six republican's, who want to arrest federal officials, for implementing Obamacare show that the craziness might just be confined to elected officials and a few others!  

For the six lawmakers, most of the email came from citizens giving their views on the issue.
“As a soon to be constituent, a life long republican, and a firm opponent of Obamacare, I am nonetheless embarrassed by your absurd nullification comments. Good god!” one man wrote to Rep. Chris Kapenga (R-Delafield).

“I worked for you. You are a reasonable and good person and I am genuinely surprised at this,” another man posted a message to Rep. Erik  Severson (R-Star Prairie) on Facebook. “Instead of focusing on how to make the best out of a bad situation, you think (it’s) better to arrest implementors of a federal policy upheld by the US Supreme Court. … It may suck, but as Americans, we accept the results of elections and move forward. This is disgraceful.”

Most of the emails opposed the lawmakers’ stances, but some backed them.

They still have to overcome the right wing hate cabal on the radio and the incredibly disingenious, illogical and ridiculous echo chamber on the right, but at least you can see that there are some signs of hope!  

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