Thursday, November 22, 2012

Palermo's Calls Themselves A Responsible Company, Forgets They Broke The Law

On Wednesday, the National Labor Relations Board regarding Palermo's came out.

Judging by the corporate media's reports and the right wing bloggers celebrating the ruling, one would think that Palermo's was exonerated of all wrong doing.

That is until one actually looks at the ruling:
Gottschalk said he found reason to believe that the company did violate the law by telling “five or six” employees that if they left their jobs to join the strikers, “they would not have jobs to come back to.”

Gottschalk said he is recommending that the company “cease and desist” from engaging in such “retaliation” and restore those employees’ jobs.
Oh, and they are still going to have their vote to unionize, which Palermo's tried to block, which was the cause for all of this in the first place.

Next, the wingnuts will be telling us they won because of Mitt Romney's election loss.

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