Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Petty Abele

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele has been throwing one helluva pity party for himself ever since he found out that being rich doesn't necessarily make you smart or popular.

Abele came out Tuesday with his list of vetoes, mainly picking things he knows has no chance of standing. In the process, he's managed to further alienate veterans, art lovers, park lovers, advocates for the mentally ill and county workers, to name but a few. (We county workers already knew he wasn't on our side anyway.)

But one veto stands out above and beyond the rest for being the pinnacle of pettiness.

He vetoed the proposal to open two new beer gardens in Milwaukee County Parks. His reasoning went like this:
Abele said he didn’t want to count on revenue that might not materialize, but said the county Parks Department would still plan on expanding beer gardens.
In other words, he's not going to do it because it might not work, but is planning on doing it anyway.

Does anyone else's hair hurt from trying to comprehend that?

What it really is is yet another personal attack against County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic, who sponsored the proposal for the beer parks.

Abele really needs to stopped acting like a spoiled little brat, tantruming because most people aren't falling all over themselves because he's rich.


  1. Imagine that, a fiscally conservative liberal. I thought you chased all of those out of the party by now.

    1. Pray tell, how is he being fiscally conservative?

  2. Because he isn't raising the levy the maximum amount in order to "build a buffer for the upcoming cuts in shared revenue".

  3. Abele is as far from a liberal as I've ever heard. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing. He supports union busting as demonstrated by his cuts to Sheriff and Police depts. More screwing around with benefits deductions. I will vote for whoever runs against him.

  4. What makes him any different than Tom Barret? Truth is, as long as as we have a big enough majority in the supervisors to over ride most of his vetos, the money we pay him is just wasted anyway.