Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Never A Dull Moment When You're A County Worker

This has been the most bizarre year for me at work.

Besides the usual stuff of being attacked and assailed by Scott Walker and his doppleganger, Chris Abele, things have been "interesting" at work.

In June, there was a lot of water damage when repairmen left a hole in the roof of the Coggs Building and a thunderstorm hit.

A few days later, a five alarm fire broke out in a store across the street from the Coggs, causing the building to be evacuated and closed for three full days while water and fire damage crews cleaned up the mess from the smoke and the water damage.

Then in the last few months, we've had two evacuations due to fire alarms being set off by people burning microwave popcorn.

Then they found stagnant, fetid water in a sub-basement area that they missed back in June.

Today, we were again evacuated, but no one is exactly sure why.  The paper said that it was some sort of threat made via Facebook.  The radio said it was a bomb threat.  I also heard that it was a man with a gun angry at a girlfriend.  

I don't know what it was about.  No one does.  But that is not surprising.

Chris Abele really needs to learn to be more open - and more honest - with the public and with the workers.

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