Sunday, November 25, 2012


Republican State Senator Neil Kedzie's son Sean was seriously beaten right before the election.  The imbecilic Breitbart and the rest of the right wing hate cabal was giddy to label it an act of desperate liberals.  

As you can see Mr. Kedzie does not look good at all.  Whoever did this to him, needs to be punished.  I look forward to the Whitewater police finding the person who did this and ticketing them justly.  I do not condone violence at all!   

Thanks to the good folks at One Wisconsin Now, we find out that Senator Kedzie and the Romeny/Ryan campaign had a different take on this tragedy!  They saw it as a great press opportunity, which is why they cleaned up Mr. Kedzie before marching him in front of as many reporters as they could find!

OWN, did an Open Records request and found that Senator Kedzie and the Romney campaign was coordinating(using taxpayer money and resources) to coordinate between Neal Kedzie and the Romney campaign.

Among the records obtained by One Wisconsin Now were two separate emails from a Kedzie staffer who used her state account to email Kedzie's son to coordinate a call between the son and the Romney campaign. They are available here and the text is below:
From: Michelle Osdene, Tuesday, October 23, 2012, 12:19PM
Subject: Sean Kedzie media
Hi Sean,
Great job today. Please let me know what your availability is to do media tomorrow and Thursday. I'm guessing we will get at least a few more requests tomorrow. The Romney camp called today, they would like to set up a time for someone to call you. They were thinking sometime within the next week.
I told them I would follow up with a few times that would work on your end. Let me know when you will be available. For your information, I've included a list of the media that popped up on my Google Alerts (by noon) today.
Let me know if you have any questions.
From: Michelle Osdene, Wednesday, October 24, 2012, 12:51PM
Subject: Romney Camp
Hi Sean,
We got a call from the Romney office. It sounds like the will likely call on Friday, so if you see a restricted number you might want to answer. Thanks!
A right wing, Wisconsin website indicated in a post October 23 that Kedzie's son had been already contacted by then-Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, leaving questions about the intention of the Romney campaign's additional need to speak with Kedzie's son.

It sucks that Sean Kedzie had to deal with being beaten by someone regardless of the reason.  It sucks even more that when Sean needed his father the most, his father did not see a son who needed help, instead his father saw an opportunity to increase republican power in the state of Wisconsin.

What a sad, sick, twisted man Senator Kedzie is!    

I pray that  Neil has a  full and healthy recover!   


  1. Right after it happened, Tony Galli of WKOW TV in Madison did a blog post where he gave a pretty fair amount of detail on a person who was questioned by the Whitewater Police. So much so that people in Whitewater probably know exactly who it was being questioned. I assumed an arrest would follow shortly. But that, as we know, hasn't happened. I wonder why.

    Galli's blog post:

  2. Replies
    1. People are less likely to take a dude with long hair and big beard as seriously as a clean-cut young gentleman.

      The hair remained since a little messy hairdo still has that young and hopeful, sort of trendy look.

      Feel bad for the kid, but I feel worse for him having to be paraded around; being used is being used no matter what side one is on.

    2. You think? They also took the red Solo cup from his hand, I suspect.

    3. I reject the ideat hat they cleaned him up for his "look what the democrats did to me" Press tour.

      I am sure that the reason was completely altruistic!

  3. This is very sad, poor man. People are horrible sometimes. And we think we are so civilized.

  4. Wow - what a transformation! It's amazing how the body heals so quickly and bruise marks suddenly disappear.

  5. What a shame for his son. Clean shaven AND a yuppie argyle sweater... Brand new or borrowed?